Snow Shoes II, The Sequel

We walkers of Laroque got our snowshoes out again today (well, in my case, I borrowed some), and went for a much more local sortie, just above Montferrier and en route for the local skiers’ playground, Mont d’Olmes.

How different from our last walk.  Instead of wide open snowfields with distant views, we had woodland walking and bright sunlight casting blue shadows across our path.

Instead of gentle slopes rising and falling before us, we had an upward slog; unremitting, tough.  Micheline and I, discouraged and tired, failed to reach the top, and missed the prize: a frozen lake with snow-clad views in every direction.  Most of the party stayed with us and kept us company.  Though our views were less exciting than those of the intrepid climbers, our picnic was the better one.  We low-achievers had wine, home-made cakes and hot coffee with us to supplement our bread and cheese.

And the journey down was completed in record time.  We arrived home as our gardens were gently baking in the last of the hot afternoon sun.  More of the same is forecast for several days: there won’t be much snow left this time next week.

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I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

10 thoughts on “Snow Shoes II, The Sequel”

  1. If low achievers get “wine, home-made cakes and hot coffee with us to supplement our bread and cheese” I’ll stay on the lower slopes. Beautiful photographs, I wish I lived near snow 😦


  2. I always feel you are living life to the full and enjoying the just rewards of years of hard slog. Well deserved….long may it continue M & M. x


  3. .beautiful photos as usual – like the snow like that……….(one of the reasons I did escape from CH to southern F) – and 3 days more in La Bastide …, but had a lovely time with Dorothy – and we’ll meet in April / love to you 2, AnnA


    1. Mmmm. It’s truly mild here, even at night (9 degrees through the night). But Mont d’Olmes seems to be managing crisper temperatures than that. I’ve just looked up Ax-les-Thermes. +6 – +9 through the night. So dunno. But you’ll have a good time anyway, I hope.


  4. It’s crazy I know, but as I sit here at work in England during my lunch break, I read your blog and feel homesick for Laroque, even though there is still so much to do in our house. I want to be there living the life. Roll on Easter.


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