Snow shoes at Scaramus

It’s 7 o’clock.  I can’t see me having a late night.  We’ve had a day of ‘raquettes’ – snow shoes.  Gosh it’s exhausting.  You strap great oval saucers of plastic, webbing, and toothed metal to your feet and spend some minutes feeling like an ungainly baby taking its first uncertain footsteps across the endless wastes of the living room carpet.

Booted and spurred
Booted and spurred

But equilibrium returns, and without these cumbersome contraptions, how else would you walk across the undulating white snowfields of the Plateau de Sault, with views of snow-sculpted hillsides nearby, jagged snow-crusted peaks beyond?  How else could you enjoy the sound of the satisfying crunch and crack as feet break through the crisp crust of the surface snow.  Thank goodness for that icy layer.  We found our 5’ long batons, plunged deep below the surface, wouldn’t touch the frozen ground beneath.

And with a bright blue sky, a hot sun enabling us to walk wearing T shirts and summer hats, what better way to spend a February Sunday?

10 thoughts on “Snow shoes at Scaramus”

  1. super photos, congratulation – pahhhhhhhhh such a lot of snow -will have to reach my boots …..ever so happy with your descriptions Margaret, maybe I’ll improve my English ?; until veryvery soon, love, AnnA


  2. It looks like such a great, fun day! The scenery is just breath-taking, and your pictures are beautiful (didn’t I tell you they would be with your new-to-you camera? 🙂 )


  3. Oh Margaret that looked like a gorgeous way to spend a Sunday, or any day I think. I have to agree with everyone else, the photographs are stunning. I’ve never tried snow shoes but they look like they may be hard work but a tad easier to carry about than skis.


  4. We love outings with our raquettes. Going down hill is great as you can really build up some speed. Also unlike downhill skiing where you are rarely away from the noise of the machinery snow shoeing is beautifuly quiet.


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