School dinners

I often stop outside the local primary schools in Lavelanet and Laroque as I pass by, to read the week’s menus posted on the notice board: I think I’d really like an invitation to eat there at midday.  There’s always an entrée, a main dish, a pudding and cheese or fruit, and it often sounds quite appetising stuff: roast turkey with sauce forestière, chicken wings à la dijonnais, stuffed tomatoes, velouté de legumes…..

But today I was horrified.  What am I to make of the British Day they’re planning one day next month?

Betteraves* et raisins

Fish stick

Petits pois à l’anglaise

Crème anglaise



Apart from the crumble, the latest must-eat pudding in France, it all looks pretty dire.  What exactly is this beetroot dish they’re starting with?  Google doesn’t have a clue.  No wonder the French think we English don’t have any good food.

Beetrooot waiting for a good recipe to come along

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6 thoughts on “School dinners”

    1. Blimey that was quick. Oh yes, they do chips. And cheeseburgers. Rather more often than Jamie Oliver would like. Now come on, Kalba. Help me with the betteraves thing.


  1. BBC Food website has a recipe for Beetroot, Grape & Feta salad which looks rather good. But I must confess to loving beetroot every way except pickeld.


  2. I have to disagree about beetroot – I eat just about everything under the sun but just cannot cope with the stuff. It IS on every British restaurant menu these days, usually as a starter with goat’s cheese, so it’s definitely pretty trendy.
    So, what would YOU have chosen for their menu for British Day? I’d have included parsnips as I gather they are only considered suitable for animal food in France? Love them!


    1. Lovely to hear from you and would love to meet next time we’re over and are nearish neighbours now. Longer reply about my choice of menu later too ( just off to see Emily for the weekend), but parsnips are these days much grown, bought and appreciated round here at least. Probably thanks to the English in the area who have ‘talked them up’.


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