A Nice Day Out .. or Six Months Inside

Ah, how idyllic … Bolton Castle in Wensleydale.  Perfect for a summer’s day out.

Not if you were Mary Queen of Scots though. She spent six months imprisoned here in 1568.  Although even that incarceration was relative.  She was attended by 30 of her household, which included  knights, servants, ladies-in-waiting, cooks, grooms, a hairdresser, an embroiderer, an apothecary, a physician and a surgeon.  The remaining 20 or so lodged in the nearby village of Castle Bolton.  She went hunting.  She had her hair done.  She learnt English, since up to this point she could speak only Scots, French and Latin.

Imprisonment.  It’s all relative.

Square Perspectives

A Quiz: the Answers

And here are the answers to yesterday’s photo quiz.  How did you get on?  When I first prepared this post, I put the answers under each photo.  And WordPress uploaded them into the quiz post ….  so I had to think again.

  1. Aeriel view of a lemon squeezer.
  2. A stack of Ordnance Survey maps.
  3. A household brush.
  4. A tea towel.
  5. Breakfast cereal.
  6. A wooden cupboard door.
  7. A grater.
  8. Noodles.  Half a point only for ‘pasta’.
  9. A tin opener.
  10. A hammer head.
  11. Water running from a bathroom tap.
  12. Nailclippers.

Square Perspectives

A Different Perspective on Saint Paul’s

Back in a Previous Life, a viewing platform on the South Bank in London had me exploring the sights on the other side of the Thames.  I liked this juxtaposition of old and new, chaste stonework and bright colour.  It might not be glazed, but it’s a window  through which to get a new perspective on the more usual views of St. Paul’s Cathedral.


Monday Window

Square Perspectives