A Quiz: the Answers

And here are the answers to yesterday’s photo quiz.  How did you get on?  When I first prepared this post, I put the answers under each photo.  And WordPress uploaded them into the quiz post ….  so I had to think again.

  1. Aeriel view of a lemon squeezer.
  2. A stack of Ordnance Survey maps.
  3. A household brush.
  4. A tea towel.
  5. Breakfast cereal.
  6. A wooden cupboard door.
  7. A grater.
  8. Noodles.  Half a point only for ‘pasta’.
  9. A tin opener.
  10. A hammer head.
  11. Water running from a bathroom tap.
  12. Nailclippers.

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71 thoughts on “A Quiz: the Answers”

  1. Oh dear! After my early confidence yesterday I only have 3 😨 Plus half for pasta. Also I did get wood for no.6 – does that count? 😄 Either way, pretty dismal and not helped by my failing to keep in mind that these were household objects 🤔 Basic fail on exam technique there: Read The Question!

    More seriously, this amusing exercise has demonstrated for me at least that it’s scale as much as perspective which matters. I suppose scale is a part of perspective but for example, with the lemon squeezer (which I failed to get), I had something really small in my mind. (Nothing specific, I’d just made an assumption that this was a tiny button-sized thing.) Assumptions are never a good thing…


    1. I could well have been just the same. And yes, of course you can have a point for wood. Oh dear, I never wanted to put anyone back in touch with Read The Question days – stick with the fun. But you’re right, scale is everything. If I were a worm, a blackbird would be a pretty mighty thing!

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  2. I like the comments as much as the quiz itself! I didn’t even attempt any serious work on it – I know my limitations! V clever though, and you deserve top marks yourself. Did people really get the Ordnance Survey maps, so obvious now but for me not at first, second or even third glance?

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  3. I got 8. Not the lemon squeezer (mine is also glass) or the cupboard door, or the hammer head, that I thought was a solar light and not the nail clippers, my guess was a stapler. I did get noodles 😂

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  4. Five and a half. Is there an accolade for the person who did most badly? I am relieved about the hammer. I thought it was a shower head with no holes which was a puzzle in itself. I thought the tea towel was one of those loose knit materials – perhaps a body scrub – but, answers being the best of all hints, I see it perfectly now.

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    1. Five and a half ain’t bad. The virtual booby prize is not yours. The tea towel was sneaky. It’s the only one I have like that. And the hammer head was ridiculously difficult. So the girl done good.


    1. Oh, Carol, I do believe you’ve got the booby prize. Blame it on cultural difference. I’m sure hammers and tea towels in South Africa are quite different!

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