A Pride of Peacocks

These peacocks live in North Macedonia, where they have, uninvited but none the less welcome, taken up residence at the hotel we stayed at on the shores of Lake Ohrid, St. Naum. I think they can speak for themselves – as they did, very noisily, every morning.

The rear view proved just as interesting as that draped tail.

… for a few moments – at rest.

And now … a peacock in action. Not for nothing is one of its collective nouns an Ostentation of Peacocks.

I’ll be honest. I conceived and wrote this post as a Monday Portrait. But then Tina’s Lens-Artists Challenge dropped into my in-box: ‘The eyes have it’. I’m not entirely sure she had peacocks in mind, but the hundreds of ‘eyes’ that make up the peacock’s tail, and that slightly penetrating gaze displayed in that head shot allowed me to think I might get away with including this post in the challenge.

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63 thoughts on “A Pride of Peacocks”

      1. Not at all! I really enjoyed our slightly cooler week when my friends were here, though they had an anxious eye on any clouds that showed up. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ

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  1. Beautiful. I love peacocks. Although I was once terrified on hearing them in the night as a child. Convinced someone was being murdered. Whipped my sisters into a frenzy and we all piled into our parents’ room completely hysterical 😱

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  2. D’you know, this particular colony had not one female, so therefore no chicks. Not that I have ever seen a peacock youngster anywhere. But trees – yes, as much of a challenge as a bride with a long train shinning up a tree I’d have thought.


  3. Oh I was just about to comment on all that spectacular display with ‘where are the peahens?’ and then read your above reply. Why no females? How bizarre or is that the norm with keeping domesticated ones?

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  4. Cheeky indeed Margaret! A fabulous idea to include this proud fellow in this week’s challenge! Definitely eyes in his feathers and you’ve also included a beautiful image of just the eye – well done!!! They are loud when they squawk though aren’t they?!?!

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  5. They really are fantastical birds – hard to believe they are real! Your captures are great and seeing the bird slowly rotating round while displaying in the video is lovely. Yes the eyes definitely do have it!

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      1. Thanks for stopping in. I’m on a road trip. I started in New York and I’m in Washington DC right now. I’m traveling to New York City to see a baseball game this evening. Tomorrow I’m on to another city and after that three more cities it’s exciting and exhausting and a lot of fun. Also taking time to take in the sights, sounds, and tastes. Making everyday count!

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  6. Great shots. I love the close ups of the lugubrious looking eyes. We had peacocks on the nursery back in the day and they caused quite a good bit of trouble one way or the other. The babies were super cute though, like large rabbits, but I was warned not to startle them or they might die!


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