Postcards from 2022

How to summarise 2022 in just a few photos? That’s what the Lens-Artist Challenge demands of us this week. What makes it so hard is that a memory is invested in every photo. My own favourite photos may demonstrate no particular skill, but can transport me – and not you – straight back to a treasured moment. Ah well, let’s give it a go, and see what I can find that we can all enjoy.

Let’s book-end the year with ordinary pleasures: Fountains Abbey in springtime, and in late autumn…

Let’s remember summer with – here – an extraordinary sight: Scar House Reservoir, almost unable to do its job of providing water.

Scar House Reservoir in August 2022.

Let’s have a look at happy moments: Ripon’s first Theatre Festival took to the streets, Masham’s annual Sheep Fair returned after a couple of years’ Covid-hiatus. And my family enjoys one of life’s simpler pleasures: curling up with a good book.

Memorable May: a fantastic few days in the Balkans: North Macedonia, Albania and Greece, to enjoy its wildlife. A very few photos stand in for the whole experience of this area, still in many ways rooted in its traditional past.

Shepherds on the move all day and every day. leading their sheep and goats in quest of pasturage.

… and not forgetting the stars of the show: peacocks at Lake Ohrid.

The header image shows Lake Prespa, and the island of Agios Achillios, where we spent a few days.

In Catalonia with The Barcelona Branch of the family, we had an unforgettable trip to what may be The World’s Best Museum, CosmoCaixa, Barcelona.

We’ll finish off with Christmas lights at Eltham Palace. It was so cold, no wonder my fingers slipped!

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

56 thoughts on “Postcards from 2022”

  1. Quite a year, Margaret! That black and white of Lake Ohrid is wonderful, my other favourites your lovely family portrait of the readers and fun at Ripon. I like the angle you’ve taken that from. Aside from the other half, a good year for all? I suspect it’s been hard work for you but I love your playfulness. Hope ’23 flows smoothly.

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    1. Believe it or not Jo, that B/W photo is in colour! It was a dull day, but dramatic. Not a bad year I guess, if you shut your eyes to politics at home and abroad. Like you, we try to make the best of it.


  2. As it often is, your photographs and thoughtful narrative tell a wonderful story of a year in the life of living fully while being present and engaged wherever you are. May 2023 be another such year. Peace.

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  3. A lovely selection, full of good memories for you but also some for me – my own first visit to Fountains Abbey (but what a shame it was to miss you!) and my ‘vicarious and virtual’ visit to the Balkans via your posts 😀

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    1. In many ways yes. But in Greece in particular, mask-wearing was de rigeur in a way I rarely saw elsewhere at that time. But in the main, it was a throwback to the old days. Whether Good or not, only they can judge!

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      1. Yes, some of this heavy rain is very local isn’t it. My sister’s in Devon and she says North Devon has had a bucketful compared to where she lives in the Exeter area.

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  4. Thoroughly enjoyed the vicarious visits to your world near home and your various travels Margaret. I love the image of what I assume is your son and grandchild reading – seriously, what could be better?!?! Also loved your opening image set and your “not B&W” skyscape. Wishing you much joy in the year ahead, and many more family visits.


    1. Thanks Tina. Good wishes and happy travelling to you too! Yes, post-pandemic there’s still a lot of family catching up to do (you’re right btw: son and grandson, reading a book son had when he was grandson’s age)


  5. That was a lovely wander through your 2022, many sights I remember. The reservoir looks so sad and I thought recent floods may have topped it a little. I too love the not B&W landscape and a sheep festival must be fun. More adventures please so I can travel from the office chair into the world 🙂

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