53 thoughts on “Happy Day!”

  1. A lovely sight! And as yo have said, not especially early. A Facebook friend whose partner is a keen gardener has been sharing photos of their snowdrops recently and they’re down south!

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  2. A pretty and welcome sight! Just to add to the North-South thing, I posted last January (or one before?) about snowdrops popping up in the churchyard. This year, some green stalks but haven’t spotted any flowers yet. Given the confusing weather and all, I think the plants are just keeping their heads down and wondering what’s going on in the world. And I can totally relate to that!


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      1. I remember dafodils blooming in February. It was the wet and cold that made it feel so chilly back in the 80’s when I lived in the UK. Of course, I was also spoiled with central heat growing up. The houses we rented while in the Air Force did not have central heat. LOL!

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  3. so very, very, very lovely. Yeah, far too early but SO beloved! We had 16°C on the 2nd of January; that’s just not normal. But hey, we enjoy what and when we can…. Happy New Year to you dear Margaret.

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    1. I had to get Down and Dirty to get that shot – increasingly hard these days. But yes, the shortest day has been and gone, so though spring is still a rather distant prospect, it’s on its way.

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