Postcards from Kiplin Hall

Kiplin Hall. That was our destination on Sunday. We first went there a few years ago for joyful Shakespeare productions, such as Romeo and Juliet, by the irrepressible Handlebards. These days, we go if we need a quiet few hours at a country house whose grounds are extensive enough to offer a walk, a view and coffee and cake after. Here are my picture postcards – monochrome, as picture postcards always used to be – for Mid-Week Monochrome #110 – and to send to Jo, of Jo’s Monday Walk fame.

Kiplin Hall was built as a hunting lodge in the 1620s by one George Calvert, who was Secretary of State to King James VI. American readers may like to know that he was made Baron Baltimore, and was granted a charter to found a colony in America. This colony became – the State of Maryland.

Here’s our first sight of the hall:

Goodness, it was breezy that day. But walk we would, all the way round the lake -into the wind at first – one of the images give an idea of the scudding waves. We set off to get various views of the lake and hall. Here’s a clutch of postcards.

There are woodlands to explore: but the wind was picking up. Better to find shelter and explore the huge walled garden perhaps, where they grow all the fruit and vegetables used in their tearooms, and to make the jams, jellies and chutneys on sale. But wait! Suddenly it’s quite forbidding … Hallowe’en is on the way…

We’ll take our courage in both hands and enter anyway … there, that’s not so bad …

Although …. who’s that sitting on the bench over there?

We decided the tea room was a better option. Coffee, date and pecan cake anyone? No photo available. We ate every crumb before we gave the camera a thought.

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I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

45 thoughts on “Postcards from Kiplin Hall”

  1. I might sell my soul for date and pecan cake, Margaret! I remember the place very vividly in colour because of the carpet of aconites when we were there but you’ve done a fine job in black and white. I especially love your first sight. Thanks so much for including me in your postcards.

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    1. Scarecrow? Scarecrow? How dare you! He’s one of many horrendous skeletons currently to be found in Kiplin Hall’s walled garden. One is even mowing the lawn. Remind me to show you next time.

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  2. I love your British sweets, Margaret and can’t wait until we’re back in the UK to try more of them. Your visit here was lovely! And so were the photos, of course. It looks like a marvelous spot.

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  3. These images work so well in black and white. I especially like the drama of your shot of the roof (second one down) and the hall through the waving grasses. And of course the cake sounds delicious!

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  4. The spiky cardoons work particularly well in monochrome. Kiplin Hall is quite a pile for a hunting lodge I guess it has been extended and extended over the centuries?

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  5. The black & white photos are stunning, Margaret. A beautiful place to reflect especially by the lovely skeleton sitting on the bench. How I wish I could have joined your for Romeo and Julia in days gone by….

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  6. Black and white photography is often underrated. I like these. Especially the movement you have caught in the grasses. I don’t like the Halloween theme. Another horror imported from the US. But date and pecan cake – now that must be worth visiting for.

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  7. This was where I first went along to a History Wardrobe presentation, I think. Spooky season and a big old house plays in beautifully to the black and white shots.

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