We’re going on a Treasure Hunt

Well, this week, in all this rain, Tina’s sending us out on a Treasure Hunt for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #219. Here’s what she wants us to look out for …

A pet … , that’s going to be the dalmatian, Brian, who used to take Ellie, and sometimes us, for walks

The moon or the sun. I’m going for the moon, gently rising above the clematis crawling up the garden wall.

Clouds? We’ll choose an evening in l’Albufera, near Valencia.

A reflection. My favourite shot was taken in Strasbourg. Not in the fabulous old city centre, but on a piece of waste ground near a municipal car park.

A child? Well, I think I’ll keep the family out of this, and instead go for two girls in Pondicherry, making their way to school.


An umbrella? I’ve got several here, pressed into service at a friend’s wedding a couple of years ago. Well, as the French say: ‘Mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux’.

A truck. This shot was taken in a lorry park in Les Hayons in France at 5 o’clock in the morning, just before the truckers got on the road.

Autumn foliage. Any child will tell you that autumn foliage is best on the ground, where you can have a satisfactory walk kicking your way through it.

And the inner child is always looking for something interesting to find on a walk. Here are two things: a discarded blackbird’s egg, and a toadstool of the kind beloved by fairies and elves everywhere.

Just to wrap things up, and remind us that The Rainy Season has arrived, and not before time, I’ll pop a few raindrops into the featured photo.

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

65 thoughts on “We’re going on a Treasure Hunt”

  1. Love the umbrella photo and the accompanying French expression and why don’t we, Brits, famous for weather chat, have a similar one? Italians have ‘wet bride, lucky bride’, but nearest English I can find is ‘a wet knot is hard to untie’!

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      1. Oh Margaret, that was ab.so.lute.ly brilliant!!! Such fun and great singing, some fine voices and so lovely to see spontaneous enjoyment filling the room. Oh and the lyrics – marvellous.


      2. Lots of allusions that must have escaped you of course, but I’m so glad you found it as fun to watch as we did – I had the added pleasure of all my 3 children being in it. Thanks for watching!

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  2. You’ve certainly nailed this challenge, and with a great set of images! If picking favourites I’d go for the clouds (lovely light) and the reflection (love the contrast between old and new architecture)

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    1. That reflection is a real favourite, and not the only one I took there. And those clouds were taken on one of the most peaceful evenings in my life. Great memories.

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    1. You couldn’t very well miss those reflections could you? And I should have included a shaggy ink cap photo. There’s a fungus you can actually eat.


      1. One for another post. That one has a children’s book character too. I’m not sure I fancy eating one. I do wish I knew enough to forage, especially when I see lots of edible-looking ones. I’m still picking the odd raspberry, here and there and that will have to content me.

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  3. Oh Margaret, these are just perfect! “Full pot” as we say in Sweden…Love, love that reflection, the lovely clouds and the raindrops in the first one.

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  4. Well Margaret, it looks like I’m late to the party – not sure how that happened but so happy to have finally landed here! Loved your response which is marvelous every step of the way but the 3 children under those umbrellas is priceless!! Also truly loved both the reflection and the clouds images. Thanks so much for joining us with this one!

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  5. This was a wonderful walk through some of your stunning work, Margaret. You presented it in a great way and it was sort of like OUR walk too – so many sightings, thoughts, impressions to digest. Thank you for that.

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