Seeing double

Getting two images for the price of one. That’s this week’s Lens-Artist Challenge, hosted this week by Jez. I’m keen on seeing double like this.

Do I prefer a simple canalscape?

Regent’s Canal, London.

Or a cloudscape?

Lake Prespa, North Macedonia

A few birds could add some interest …

I often like urban reflections …

… or surprising reflections …

… or just a peaceful scene by a river …

Near Saint Naum, North Macedonia

… which is where we started. The featured photo is from a boat on the River Guadalquivir in Seville.

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

58 thoughts on “Seeing double”

  1. Wow, fantastic post, Margaret 👏 So many images to enjoy; the cloudscape has to be a favourite, but then again, I am a weather geek 🤓 & I really love the first urban reflection with the bridge & buildings 😃 Spot on for the challenge 😁

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  2. Sorry, unable to pick a favourite Margaret. Cloudscape possibly, maybe trees on the cars…the buildings by the water…..too many wonderful photos 🙂 🙂

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  3. I love reflection photos. Your photos are always so diverse and interesting. Our second unit in science is about light and whether or not we can believe our eyes. Reflections are part of the progression as are shadows. There is so much to learn. Have a fabulous Monday.

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  4. I’m glad I don’t have to chhose a favourite because they’re all fascinating. The one that jumped out at me though is of the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, Valencia. Something about those rounded shapes. Great collection!

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  5. Each of these photos tell a story, Margaret. You have captured moments that will never occur again. That is the magic of photography – the ability to stop time, crystallize moments that we will relieve years ahead, simply be viewing a photo. Stopping by your place is a wonderful way to begin a new week of possibilities.

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    1. I didn’t need that much time. I just typed ‘reflections’ into my search box, and the job was half done. It’s a useful tool, as it helps me get rid of shots that are pretty much duplicates too.


  6. Oh all lovely and I was going to say it’s the birds for me, but then I arrived a the cherry blossom. Absolutely a fabulous photo with so much going on. There if obviously the reflections, but it’s their intensity and clarity with the additional different hues (glass and bodywork) that make for such an unusual and engaging image. Have you posted it before?


    1. Thanks Agnes. Yes, I think I have. I remember when I took the photo being so struck by the contrast between the voluptuous cherry tree and the clean lines of a modern car.

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    1. Serenity? I’m sorry? This is a concept that has become unknown to me recently! But yes, you’re right. That photo takes me back to a place that was indeed peaceful and calm, with only birdsong disturbing the silence.


      1. Oh, sorry Tina if your life is in disarray. Mine is merely in response to national and international events, over which we have no control. Sending positive thoughts for better times.


      2. Thanks Margaret. Just very nervous about traveling north for a family reunion when half of the people will have flown in. The virus is once again a serious concern, especially since the boosters are fairly ineffective for the new variants. More worried for my husband who is immune compromised.

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