The Abstract Geometry of Valencia

Team Spain is with us at the moment, so blogging and bloggers are taking a back seat. All the same, I’m going to take a virtual trip to Valencia, which we’ve often visited after being with the family near Barcelona. This time though, as requested by Amanda for a Friendly Friday challenge (collaborating with Frank at Beach Walk Reflections). I’m focussing on just a few of the shapes I’ve seen there.

And where better to start than the futuristic Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències?

And quite nearby, in the Turia Gardens, you’ll find this bridge. which I highlighted recently. But this is a closer view.

Roof spaces: How about the Mercat de Colom? Or the so-very-different La Lonja – the old Silk Exchange?

And let’s finish off with something that may no longer be visible. Valencia’s big on street art, but I liked the bold geometry of this piece under construction.

This is scarcely a Tourist Info Guide to Valencia: but it’s a glimpse of some of the places worth hunting for in any visit there.

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50 thoughts on “The Abstract Geometry of Valencia”

  1. Well, I think your guided version is great, Margaret! Love that futuristic centre of the arts and sciences, and the other architectural items aren’t to bad either

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  2. Fabulous photos, Margaret, and I’m quite determined to get there some day. Sorry I’m a bit late here today to wish you a wonderful time with Team Spain. They’ll be happy to escape the heat for a while.

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  3. I remember a past post about Valencia because of the way it caught my eye … and now you have reinforced my urge to visit the city by capturing intriguing architectural shapes that are pleasing to my eyes. Well done, Margaret … thanks for the pingback!

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  4. Definitely some sights worth hunting out here if/when we go to Valencia. I especially love the look of the photo opps at the arts and sciences centre, and those gorgeous roofs!

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  5. Great photos as always. Modern architecture can be absolutely stunning in the right place, but I am build a bridge to last kind of person. I love the photo of the bridge connecting people to the Turia Gardens. Beautiful. Enjoy your time with your family. Peace.

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  6. Valencia is undoubtedly a significant change from other Spanish cities; very unique, and we enjoyed it. Thanks, Margaret, for refreshing my memories with beautiful images.

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