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  1. Well, I was luckier with the weather, must dig out my images…oh, here’s one taking second place to a pedestrian walking swiftly past:

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  2. Ha ha I looked at that horse and thought those spotty dogs, think, think, think and then read your comment. Yes, that’s it Dalmatian. Having a bit of s l o w brain morning here. Looks inviting even in the rain.

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  3. I’ve come back here to concede defeat. I spent a couple of hours this morning looking for said photo, which Mick reckons was at least 3 laptops ago and is, we think, irreversibly gone, except in my memory. I then had the brainwave that it might have featured in an old post. Hotfoot to Restlessjo, where searching for Austria or Salzburg revealed a charming postcard or two but nothing more useful. However, I did make a discovery that might help you? In My Sites, when you click on All posts you get a drop down- yes? Scroll to the bottom of that and you have directional arrows taking you through the pages. In the right hand box are 2 little squiggles= click on there and it takes you back to your blog beginnings. I have since lost half a day reading old posts and thinking how very different the blog was 10 years ago. I have not found said photo and so I’ve called time. It may well be a rainy day but I can’t sit on my backside getting nothing done for all of it. Hope this was in some way useful, or has one of your smarter friends already told you this? Sigh!

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    1. Jo, I’m sorry you didn’t find your photo, but your information is brilliant! Thanks. I can’t get down to it today, and in any case I’m still doing Post-Covid-Exhaustion, but I will, you bet I will.


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