An Oddly Grumpy Tooth Fairy

Did you get visits from the Tooth Fairy when you were little and those first teeth fell out? I did, and so did my children … and their children. It turns out that the one who visits our family is an odd wee besom who leaves grumpy notes – tiny ones, written on a piece of paper little larger than a postage stamp – to the children whose teeth she recovers…

For Becky’s Square Odds.

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51 thoughts on “An Oddly Grumpy Tooth Fairy”

  1. How funny!
    When my children were little, the Tooth Fairy wasn’t especially grumpy, but did seem very busy – often not coming at the anticipated time… sometimes it would actually take several notes / reminders put in prominent places before a visit took place! 🙂

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  2. The tooth fairy in my family was clearly much too busy to write tiny notes of any kind. Either that or we didn’t have the magic sparkle that your family exudes.

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    1. Her amanuensis (me) kept it up for years, and now the tradition lives on with the next generation. But daughter number one had to become less grumpy when her son burst into tears at Tooth Fairy’s moodiness.


  3. We had the tooth fairy, and so did my children, I remember the confusion when they started school in France as the children told them there wasn’t a tooth fairy it was la petite souris, the little mouse 🐁 something that terrified most of them!

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    1. I know! It’s the same in Spain, so I wonder what my Anglo-Spanish granddaughter will get confronted with as she starts to lose her (as yet non-existent) teeth?


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