Window Shopping Three

This shopping malarkey’s getting tiring, so this week, I’ll just slot in a few shots that didn’t make it into the previous two posts. Like the header shot, for instance. Who knew that facials, waxing, nails and massage were a prerequisite for returning to school?

The Yorkshire lass in me thoroughly approves of this window, spotted in Leeds.

And this image from Barcelona of a rather up-market grocer, Queviures, with the reflections of the street behind remains a favourite too.

My last one may not be a shop at all – I can’t remember. It comes from a more optimistic time, when we still believed that marching in London in our thousands, and community action might help to save us from the disaster which is Brexit.

Monday Window

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30 thoughts on “Window Shopping Three”

  1. Your fine Brexit March photo seems a lifetime ago doesn’t it? Oh how the chickens have come to roost. I drove through a tangle of hysterical drivers queuing and recklessly blocking the highway on Friday and I wondered, looking at their demographic, just how many voted for Brexit (Ipswich was a Leave voting town much to my shame).

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  2. As a proxy Yorkshire lass, I love the Yorkshire sign and wow, Barcelona looks very posh! Nails before school return?! 😀 The mind boggles. What happened to stationery, school bag and uniform?! 😀

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  3. outch, with that last one you are – with a heavy stick in your hand – furiously stirring in a wound which won’t heal in a hurry!


  4. Sometimes, especially in winter, I like to wander the storefronts of some town or other and take window shots. They can be quite pretty, quite funny, or just interesting. But I don’t get to a town very often, so I appreciate your images!

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