Golden moments at break of day … and sunset

My last couple of posts have not been light-hearted. I took you for a walk across a stark and austere landscape. I invited you to read a number of stark and austere books. Since Jude’s Life in Colour is all about gold this month, I thought I’d hunt out – not very original of me, I know – a few sunrises and sunsets. These can get their golden vibe by being yellowish rather than reddish, but they’re gleaming, resplendent, hopeful, bright.

My featured photo, and the one below come from  L’Albufera de València, a natural freshwater lagoon that is home to thousands of birds – and fish too of course. Its sunsets are a wonder on any day of the year. But I particularly like the understated dirty-golden glow in these two shots.

 L’Albufera de València

Travelling’s tough these days. Better to stay local and get up early, and enjoy the sunrise just near the house. These two shots show our river, the Ure, at daybreak in spring.

Or just a little later, in the parkland of Sleningford Hall …

Sleningford Hall

You’d still sooner be abroad? Best take a ferry then …

Rotterdam- Hull ferry: a view from the deck.

And we’ll head straight for Granada. We might get there just in time for the sunset.


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I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

48 thoughts on “Golden moments at break of day … and sunset”

  1. you are brilliant Margaret! Thanks a lot for your uplifting golden views and also for your honesty of presenting a ‘understated dirty golden glow’…. made me grin widely and made HH lift his heavy eyebrows; Him on one of his eternal, all day consuming, home office ‘talkshows’ with his work buddies and heavy headphones…. I must have grinned quite loudly I just realise, or else he wouldn’t have noticed!

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      1. I’m hopeful. It was started before we went away for a fortnight – lovely road trip seeing family and which included me falling in love with Yorkshire 😊 This weekend, all being well

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  2. I think those understated softer golden glowing sunsets, especially where water is involved, are often more beautiful than the shouty ones. There is a sense of tranquillity about them. I may have one or two coming up myself this month. Thanks for sharing these Margaret. Like Elke, sunrises are caught less commonly in this house.


  3. Gosh, Margaret, what beautiful golds!
    Who needs to travel far when you have scenes like that of Sleningfold Hall on your doorstep!
    All amazing photographs; you’ve captured the beauty of nature, and the the soft elegance of ‘gold’ in such thought provoking ways.

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  4. I miss travel and looking forward to its return. We were to be in your side of the world last year, but I know travel will come back at the right time. I agree with you – travel where we are leads to some very interesting discoveries. Looking forward to our ongoing discussion!

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