A History of a Holiday in Fifteen Trees and Twenty Blues

Typical of me to miscount. This isn’t the last day of the month. But these are my last squares. Alongside my one and only square today are other shots, mainly in blue, for Jude’s monthly Life in Colour challenge. They’re all included as a final salute to our memorable month in Spain – until Monday, that is, when I’ll showcase the clothes lines that we spotted for Andrew’s Monday Washing Lines.

A palm tree in Premià: with a backdrop of the blue skies we saw day after day after day.

TreeSquare And thanks, as ever, for your Squares challenge Becky. A lovely month of choosing, squaring and sharing images of trees, ‘our most intimate connection with nature’ ( George Nakashima)

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I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

36 thoughts on “A History of a Holiday in Fifteen Trees and Twenty Blues”

  1. Fabulous photos of what must have been a fabulous holiday, bet your feet are itching to travel again now. Thanks for all the spectacular blues Margaret 💙💙

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  2. Well, you did well for me with your post too. I scheduled today’s post, as we ARE away again – in Derbyshire. But I can’t have pressed all the right buttons, and luckily just realised. Better late than never.

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  3. Loved your trees series. I am counter, but more in making things count, but I slip up as well and miscount or overcount from time to time. It is wondrous what we see when we venture out and look around. Stay well and safe. Peace.

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  4. Some fun photos here and artistic too. My favourites included the window/shutters and the jellyfish art and the ferry windows. I’m so glad you had a ‘proper’ holiday.

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  5. As I love BLUE in general and blue water in particular, closely followed by all hues of blue on shutters, doors, house paintings, skies, boats, etc, we have a WINNER here! Thank You – I wish I could travel again.

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  6. I have really enjoyed catching up (a bit belatedly) on your travels. You visited such interesting and beautiful places, and the tree theme made a nice thread too as do the blues in this post.

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