A History of a Holiday in Fifteen Trees – fourteen

Our nights in the country weren’t spent in Cantabria, but in the adjacent Basque country. We had to be within reach of San Sebastian, where we had the first of our three Covid tests required by the British government (this one within 72 hours of our departure from Spain, the other two back in the UK on Days Two and Eight), and of Santander, where we boarded our ferry back to the UK.

We chose Garai, a charming village of some 300 inhabitants and with the most delightful guest house, where we’d like to return with the whole family in tow.

As well as those two views from the village, I’ll give you a couple of scenes from the Parque de Cristina Enea in San Sebastian, and one from the delightful coastal road we meandered back to Garai on – but nothing from Santander, where I clean forgot to include any trees in my shots.


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      1. yeah I know, do you think we will ever find out what that is going to be. Feels at moment as though goalposts are never going to stop moving.

        oh no maybe that is the new normal.


  1. That is such a stunning coastline isn’t it? One of our favourite family stories from my early teens is the time when we were staying in a hotel along from Santander ready to catch the return ferry to UK, when the waiter set fire to our tablecloth by mistake. Can’t remember what was supposed to be flambéed, but sure wasn’t the table linen!

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  2. Looks like a charming place! Your photos really make me want to get out there and explore. I am still waiting to have my second shot (vaccine) – can’t wait to travel again.

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    1. It was great that we had such a pressing reason to travel, or I’m not sure it would have happened. It was worth the stress, the expense, the tests, the quarantine … but it’s not to be undertaken lightly.

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      1. Yeah, it still sounds like a bit of a hassle, even it you don’t have to quarantine anymore, if you are fully vaccinated (depending on where you go). But it doesn’t help that they are changing the rules and guidelines all the time.

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  3. Who’d have thought such a pretty place would have a covid test centre, Margaret? How bizarre is life right now? I’d forgotten all about it till James reminded me they have appointments booked for Saturday. San Sebastian does call to me… but not yet. Fully occupied momentarily!

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