A History of a Holiday in Fifteen Trees – Four

The barri antic – old town centre – of Premià de Mar is terraced by rows of what were once fishermen’s cottages, mainly dating from the 18th century, and known as les cases de cós. Their inhabitants divided their time between two occupations – fishing – and market gardening in their long narrow back gardens. The featured image shows a typical street, with awnings stretched across to shelter passers-by from the summer heat.

There aren’t many trees, so these days the town council has placed some in tubs along the pedestrianised streets.

With not many trees about, some residents cram their windows with cooling plants:

Although one careful resident has thoughtfully left a cat-sized gap at the bottom of his plant-friendly window.

Tree Square

Monday Window

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36 thoughts on “A History of a Holiday in Fifteen Trees – Four”

      1. I’ve just looked it up. We’re currently 27, and they’re 26 – but more humid. It was 36 when we went to Zaragoza last week! But dry heat, so not too bad. Zaragoza tree next week maybe?

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    1. Probably not. The houses on the ‘front line’ are mainly gone now, but the ones that remain are grander than cottages. The fishermen’s terraces are in several rows and set back from the sea.


  1. I love the windows full of plants. The wall-to-wall paving looks fairly recent. Does it have to allow vehicular access and that’s why they couldn’t plant trees?

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  2. Interesting. You are making me think about my own town and the viability of trees along the streets and shops. Our town square has been undergoing a renaissance of sorts over the past decade. Your post is going to make me take a walk. thank you.


  3. oh this feels so quaint, beautiful and peaceful – guess though that was the last descriptions they used when they were first occupied!

    I adore the cat one 😀

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    1. It’s difficult isn’t it? Tree root damage and all that. In fact it’s got more greenery than my photos suggest – but I agree, with some notable exceptions, not enough.

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