A Whiter Shade of White?

Blogging challenges

Casting around for suitable ideas for Jude’s Life in Colour – White – challenge, I remembered a post I’d written two years ago. Not only does it work for Jude (up to a point) but it fits the bill for Fandango’s Flashback Friday. Here it is:


I’ve never been much good at twiddling with the controls on my camera.  I even joined a photography course recently, in an effort to get to grips with apertures, shutter speeds and ISO controls.  But it just made my head hurt, and I reverted to ‘Automatic’ as my default modus operandi.  I decided I’m a snaphot-ist, not a photographer.

Yesterday however, just for a bit of fun, and having an hour to spare, I turned to the ‘palette’ settings and took an identical shot using every single one. Though I forgot to take one on ‘Automatic’, so the tale isn’t quite complete. Can’t do it now. This little twig of blossom (cherry?), a chance discovery found in the road, wilted in the night.

Which do you like best?  As ever, click on any image to see it full size.  They’re in strict alphabetical order – no favouritism here.

Bleach by-pass

Three posts in three days. That’s a bit much. But I’ve pushed out all my last thoughts before taking a blogging break. I just might post the odd thing – such as Six Degrees of Separation at the start of next month – but so total will be my break that – sorry – I may not even read your offerings, fellow bloggers.

47 thoughts on “A Whiter Shade of White?

  1. Oh, heck- that’s a lot of choices, and I wouldn’t dare argue with Sue. As one snapshotist to another 🙂 🙂 I think you’re right, Margaret- a clean break is better. I find myself drifting in to see if I’ve missed anything then I feel mean if I only visit a few favourites. That’s still blogging, isn’t it? Got to murder this addiction! Have a beautiful summer! Family are full of woe at Boris’ latest dithering.

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    1. Unless Johnson is a friend of yours, I suggest you don’t call him ‘Boris’. Happy Boris is his image, and I don’t subscribe to it. Despite our PM’s woeful attempts at policy, you have a lovely summer too.

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  2. Margaret, a fun experiment with the settings and who knew there were so many! I find each one evokes different emotions and had to remind myself it was actually the same image! Have a wonderful blogging break … I’m taking one too although dipping in to read some posts now and then!

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  3. Margaret, i didn’t realise you were taking a break. Probably because I haven’t been around much myself.
    I’m voting for high key. I like the mood. I have that palette on my camera too (e.g. bubblewrap art). Trouble is I can’t tell which is which by the time I get the photos out of the camera. 🤣

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  4. Ah the joy of photographing the non-colour white. You pays your money and you takes your choice. Enjoy your blogging break, it is summer after all and time to be away from all screens except perhaps for an outdoor cinema treat.

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  5. I’m becoming increasingly sad as all my favourite bloggers take a break. Looks like I shall end up talking to myself! But thank you for your white offering before you leave. I like most of them, though some effects are better used on a landscape and if you forced me to choose I’d say Toy-Pop as I like the contrasting dark background.
    Have fun during your summer, we are kinda restricted in our movements at the moment so the thick fog suits me well. But when this circus leaves town (town? what were they thinking of?) hopefully we’ll have a few peaceful weeks before the school holidays begin…


    1. I hope you will Jude. We hope we’re just about off to Spain to meet granddaughter at last. I won’t believe it till we get on the ferry and it goes to sea! As we’ll have ten days of quarantine when we return, blogging might go into overdrive. And I know not all the effects were suitable for plant studies, but, well, I was being thorough!

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      1. Ooh, exciting times then. Are you going from Portsmouth to Santander then? I still haven’t seen my English grandson! Timing hasn’t been right. But hopefully in the summer we will get to meet him.

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      2. It’s tough not seeing their earliest days, isn’t it? Though thank goodness for phones and all the picture opportunities they present. Yes, Portsmouth-Santander. It should have been Bilbao, but they cancelled the crossing.

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      3. Unfortunately my son is hopeless at posting photos – but having grandchildren born in Australia I am used to missing out on that newborn baby smell. Good luck on the ferry, I’m a hopeless sailor so I wouldn’t dare go on a crossing that long!

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  6. I’m with Sue, I like high dynamic best. The two runners up were low key and toy effect. It’s nice to see you playing around. I hope you had fun.
    PS I agree most photography/camera courses are confusing and seem impossible to learn. That is why I don’t teach that way.


  7. Well, I won’t pick my favorite effect. My stand is that it is the photographer who picks the look of an image. You say you are not a photographer, but you are not correct. You are. You take photos and that makes you a photographer. Just because you use the camera in a certain way, one that suits you, does not detract. Enjoy doing what is fun! Have a wonderful break and take lots of pictures. Let the camera do the heavy work – that’s what the AUTO setting is for. I look forward to seeing your summer’s harvest come fall. Be well!


  8. I’m slow getting to this, and I’m sure you won’t get to see my comment from wonderful Spain. But your pallet button did you proud, Margaret. There are many that I like. The low key works well and I like the 2 dynamic ones too.
    And be sure to have plenty of fun on your much-waited-for family trip . Safe travels!


  9. Thanks Debbie. It’s true I’m having a total break from writing or even reading blog posts, but I can’t not reply to comments! It was a fun exercise, and I did learn from it. Let’s see what I get up to with my camera in Premià!


  10. It’s fun to try out these settings although I prefer to play with photos after taking them as that way you still have the original undoctored version too 🙂 I think my favourite it the dynamic monochrome and I also like the high key effect.

    I see you’re taking a break – I’ll miss seeing you around (and Jo too). But how wonderful that you’re going to see your granddaughter at last. I hope you have a great break and come back refreshed and full of stories and photos to share!


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