Lilac and clematis, all at once

Last week, I showed you wisteria on the front of the house. Today, we’ll sneak into the walled garden and look at the clematis framing one of the windows in our neighbour’s house – there it is in the featured photo. And here’s the lilac, just coming out:

And here’s the view from the kitchen window – the lilac’s still budded, but soon it will be fully out – for one week only – before becoming once more a rather unremarkable shrub.

I may produce more lilac for Jude’s Life in Colour: two shades of purple to go at in just a few days. But I promised another window view for Ludwig’s Monday Window. So here we are.

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39 thoughts on “Lilac and clematis, all at once”

  1. Beautiful clematis and lilac, Margaret and a bright vibrant start to my morning! 😀 I do agree with you about the lilac … we have one in full bloom in full view from the kitchen window and it’s glorious but otherwise a very unremarkable tree! Luckily it flowers a few times a year! 😀

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  2. You have to forgive lilac its short flowering time, because it also produces the most heavenly scent. And anyway if things flowered all year round we wouldn’t appreciate that short window in which they reach their peak. My pinkish/reddish clematis has slipped over the other side of the fence. I hope the cattle in the barn are enjoying it!

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  3. The Clematis Montana is gorgeous! And I know lilac doesn’t last long enough (ours is almost over) but doesn’t it smell wonderful while it’s with us?!!

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    1. Oh, don’t say that! We’re just about to leave to see Team London, and having missed theirs, will miss ours at its best too. Still coming to London though …

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  4. Our lilac is still in bud, too and our Clematis ‘Montana’ is looking very sorry for itself with only a few leaves on it after suffering in the snow and ice in late winter and the continuous frosts we had in April and the beginning of this month. Your beautiful photos almost make up for our lack of blossom – if only you could send their scent via the internet!

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