The Museums of Pink

Let’s have a bit of culture, and have a Museum Tour. Our only aim is to find Things That are Pink. We’ll start off at the V&A in London: there’s a view of one of the entrances in the featured photo. In fact we won’t have time to go inside – there’s plenty of pink outside. Then we’ll catch a bus over to the Horniman, and see its Aquarium, its Butterfly House, and pop William into the changing colours of the lightbox which was there for a temporary exhibition on colour. Then it’s over to Dulwich Picture Gallery, just for a very quick look round. We’ll whiz down to Gloucestershire, to Slimbridge. It’s not a museum of course, but its purpose is collecting and educating. We’ll only stop long enough to find two pink flamingoes, because then we have to get straight over to Spain, to Cádiz and to El Museo del Titere – The Puppet Museum. If we hurry, we can be home in time for tea.

The Victoria and Albert Museum

Horniman Museum

The first three images are from the bright and glowing aquarium, and are therefore bright squares.

Dulwich Picture Gallery

Slimbridge Wetland Centre

Museo del Titere

Life in Colour #10

Bright Square

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54 thoughts on “The Museums of Pink”

  1. Goodness that was an amazing pink tour. So much to feast the eyes on, though I personally would opt out of the last place, I loathe puppets, creepy things.

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  2. What a tour – wonderful! I too enjoyed the V&A ones, both of them, and is the header also a V&A kaleidoscope? I thought the jumbo jet butterfly hovering over the pink (tobacco?) flowers was terrific, and the one of William’s enchantment enchanting, even though the colour looks orange. Shame about the portly chap in Dulwich Picture gallery in a blue shirt – can’t you photoshop it pink?

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    1. Ros, I’m not clever enough to photoshop anything! But that phot dates from the day we met in Dulwich, far too long ago. The header image is a marble entrance area – a wall and attendant slope – at the side opposite the Natural History Museum. I know William looks orangey. But pinkly orange!


  3. Being in deficit when it comes to culture, I enjoyed this speed tour to different museums! I look forward to go in real life as well, Tate Modern (one of my favourite London museums) will open 17th May. 😀

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      1. Glad to hear that you have had both your jabs – hopefully seeing family and visiting museums etc will be possible once again before too long?
        Here the vaccine rollout is painfully slow. Apart from health workers being vaccinated (currently on temporary hold as risks related to the J&J vaccine are evaluated), part 2 of the rollout (for people over 60) only commences mid-May, all going well.

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      2. Well, we do seem to have done well here, after a disastrous few months. None of my children has been ‘done’ yet, though it shouldn’t be too long for the two older ones. A different story for Emily-in-Spain. I hope yours won’t be TOO long in coming, nor every other part of your continent, also in desperate need of supplies

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      3. Yes the UK does seem to have done quite well with the vaccine roll out. Here not so good and now the suspension of vaccinations is a blow. Hopefully it will resume again soon.

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