Spring is Sprung

March was a month like every other since last March, in that every day, I walked. March was a month like no other – except perhaps last March – because spring arrived. And that’s what I’ll celebrate here, in a simple photo gallery that shows the last of the snowdrops, the first of the blackthorn: and all stops in between via primroses and first daffodils and clematis (in the featured photo) and wood anemones and kingcups and cherry blossom.

Last of the snowdrops on the Ripon Rowel

I made a new friend in March, Monty, and he is my Virtual Dog in April. He’ll make sure I’m out whatever the weather. He’ll make sure I work towards my walking goal of 500 miles before June. Actually, ahem, I should make it. I’m on 425 miles now. Which probably means that Monty is on 1000 at least.

Bright as a button Monty, who walks or runs four miles at least to every one any human ever manages.

Here are some of the landscapes I explored. There’s still a lot of mud around. And we don’t have as many lakes and ponds as you might think. They’re just Super-Puddles.

These images are all taken with my not-so-very-smart phone. Just click on any images that you want to see full size. This March showcase is for Su Leslie’s Changing Seasons. All the flower shots – and indeed Monty – qualify as Bright Squares. Another multi-tasking post.

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

48 thoughts on “Spring is Sprung”

  1. Lovely springtime pictures. I’m sending Monty a virtual pat. I’m impressed by your walking every day. I sometimes let our northern climate deter me. No such excuse today mind!

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  2. absolutely glorious – so many bright squares, and so many gorgeous March pictures too. You are most impressive with your phone and your walking 🙂

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  3. Beautiful images Margaret. Spring here doesn’t seem quite as impressive somehow, probably because we have such mild winters.

    I am seriously impressed by your walking each day. Monty is lovely; I’m sure he’s looking forward to the virtual walks too.

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      1. Actually we don’t. It’s been remarkably dry down here. I have now jinxed it totally. Time to prepare for weeks of rain ahead 😫 Right now it’s bright and cold. I’ll take that over your super-puddles thank you 😊

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  4. Super spring photos and I admire your walking regime, I’m afraid I have almost giving up, which is a bad thing. One correction though – the white blossom you are seeing is Blackthorn. It always flowers first and always before the leaves. Hawthorn follows later (usually May) and the leaves come first. And Jo is right. That clematis (Armandii? ) is a beauty.

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    1. Thanks. Silly me! You’re absolutely right and I should know that. However, I have got one photo and meant to include it of some actual hawthorn flowers. For the most part, tight little buds are emerging as the leaves do their bit. Thanks for the info about the clematis. As I told Jo, it’s at Fountains Hall, Fountains Abbey


  5. Thank you for a beautiful set of spring photos and a big thank you for reminding me about clematis armandii. I am struggling with my backyard and I used to have armandii in previous gardens and I’d forgotten how great and early it is. And, I am thinking that one of these might just be a solution and it’s evergreen. Yes, ta. Ta very much. 😊

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    1. And thank you. You’ve pointed out to me, as I hadn’t really twigged previously, that this particular clematis would look good against our stone walls. The National Trust doesn’t have to be the only site round here with one.

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  6. I also particularly like the clematis photo. Looks like spring is positively bursting. It must help by creating a sense of good cheer even when other news can be bleak.


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