A Virtual Tea Party, anybody?

Oh … er … I’m quite out of the habit. Nobody’s been round for tea of coffee for a year now. Haven’t you heard that there’s a pandemic on? Still, a Virtual Gathering, to which all of my blogging pals are cordially invited: could I manage that? Let’s see. An old favourite might be best for a cake. Lemon drizzle maybe. It’s one of those cakes we all seem to have a recipe for if we bake at all. These days I use about half the recommended amount of sugar both in the cake itself, and in the lemon drizzle topping. Nobody seems to notice. I also usually bake with wholemeal spelt flour rather than with common-or-garden plain white. So you could even pretend this cake is the healthy option. I’ll pop it on a plate in a minute. Or maybe you’d like a cashew-nut butter cookie? Would you prefer tea or coffee? I warn you now, everyone says my tea’s dreadful. Since I rarely drink the stuff, I can’t tell the difference between gnat’s pee and Builder’s Brew.

Um. Where could I sit you all? Luckily it’s a nice day, so let’s go into the garden, where we can do Social Distancing. Could you carry a tray out for me please?

Virtual Afternoon Tea: March 2021

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72 thoughts on “A Virtual Tea Party, anybody?”

      1. Ah the selection was their online, Lockdown 1 offering when many stores ran out of flour altogether. My sister ordered one for me, one for my daughter and one for herself as we all bake – or anyway we were making more bread and cake than usual!! Actually I used to work for Marriage’s and Dove’s Farm was set up by Michael Marriage and his wife. He visited Marriage’s Mills around 1978/9 when I worked in the lab and I remember meeting him. Now I think Doves is probably bigger than the original Marriage’s. It was the first time I heard somebody talking passionately about growing organic wheat!

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      2. I think Marriage’s have concentrated on supplying bakeries and commercial food enterprises. I used to see their lorries delivering when I lived in Norwich.

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  1. YES please. I’ll bring some savoury bits – I can do that. And I might even be up to bring a bottle of ‘sparkly’ – just because! See ya….

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  2. Do you know that I have never made a lemon drizzle cake? No, I don’t know why not either. Chocolate or carrot were my staples. And now lemon polenta. But I’d love to try a slice of yours with a flat white please, if that’s not too much trouble. Bit dark now so can we move indoors?

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    1. Lemon drizzle tends to be my go-to cake, but carrot’s definitely a favourite too. And I have an orange polenta cake I love – useful when my GF friend comes to tea. Yes, sure, we can pop inside, but not sure how to make a proper flat white without benefit of machinery. I conveniently never have milk in anything.


  3. Ooh; I love lemon drizzle cake but never bake it. I also find many cafe versions too sweet, so I’d definitely like a slice of yours please Margaret. And would it be too piggy to have a cookie too; they look delicious. Thanks for joining the tea party.

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  4. Some people are awfully rude! What does Frank take me for? I have a friend here who makes me perfectly nice lemon drizzle so I don’t need to hog a whole one. We have been a bit naughty and had coffee together on the patio but I know you won’t spill the beans, Margaret. I didn’t make it to Su’s this month so I’d better hop over there now. She’s such a nice hostess! Nothing I’d like better than to sit on that bench with you for a bit. Now, what kind of cake travels well? 🙂 🙂


  5. I’ll have one of those biscuits if you don’t mind. They look delicious. I could offer to bring the tea the next time we meet, but since you don’t drink it, that wouldn’t make sense. Do you prefer coffee?


  6. Delicious post, Margaret! I used to enjoy baking, haven done for a while. Your beautiful photos make me feel like to get back to baking.

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