A superabundance of brown birds

I seem to have quite a supply of brown birds in my archive, which up until now, I haven’t shared. Here goes:

An obliging robin, seen just too late to turn up on a Christmas card. He’s not entirely brown, but he’s such a superb little chap, that I hope you’ll let him off.

The rest aren’t square. But they are brown, so Jude can have them for her Life in Colour Challenge.

Click on any image to see it in it entirety, full size, and without its being obliterated by captions.

P.S. My mystery bird has now been identified by the wonderful Vogelsnipser, whose blog should be on the list of anyone who enjoys birds. His pictures are fantastic. Here’s what he says: ‘The bird on your photo is a stonechat (saxicola torquatus). males in early-year splendor dress.’

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49 thoughts on “A superabundance of brown birds”

  1. Aren’t robins just the most obliging birds? And I love the rest of your special browns. We need Becky to ID the one on the fence. My eyes aren’t good enough.


  2. My husband lived in Edinburgh for a couple of years when he was a teenager. He knows your robins well and tells me regularly how sweet they are. Your photo tells me too, Margaret.
    What a delightful collection of brown birds. You have been holding out on us. 🙂


  3. Gorgeous robin capture. They are often strangely tame particularly if you’re gardening. Great pic of the house sparrows too, an underrated brown bird don’t you think?

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    1. I’m always fond of sparrows. In the spring and summer, we have a lot nesting in the ivy beneath our kitchen window, and goodness, they’re vocal! And robins definitely prefer humans to other robins.

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  4. Wonderful, all of them. Did you tell that robin to sit on that post so that it would look exactly like the triangle of a roof? Perfect. I can’t help you with the mystery bird but the composition in that shot is also splendid.

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    1. I just think he was an astute robin who can make sure he’s part of any picture opportunity. And thanks! I rate compliments from you. You always have a god eye for a shot.

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  5. this is nothing short of STUNNING – and I agree, the first one would make a magnificent Xmas card – just don’t forget for another year….

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  6. Never just brown when looking at birds – they are all such a delight. Sparrows in particular seem fabulous with their shades of brown. What a great post – and so sorry it has taken me so long to visit and tweet

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