Liverpool in Black and White

It’s time for our day out again. Let’s go to Liverpool. Jude’s asked us to look for patterns, and to show them in black and white. Its public buildings, galleries and maritime landscape make Liverpool a good subject, so as it’s lockdown again tomorrow, let’s be off soon.

2020 Photo Challenge #44

Author: margaret21

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40 thoughts on “Liverpool in Black and White”

      1. We were in Liverpool as a cruise stop several years ago. But – we headed to the train station to travel to Blackpool – not for the beach – but to dance in the famed ballroom. However, we also had a few hours at the end of the day to stroll around Liverpool.

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    1. I know. You might have noticed that the gallery I’ve been using is the ONLY one I’ve been using, ‘cos it’s the only one I’ve got to grips with. Ah we. Something to tackle in lockdown …

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  1. A fine set of images. Black and white pictures so often make me notice more contrasts especially in pictures of buildings and architectural details. The photograph of the Museum’s swirling staircase is a prime example.


  2. I think these all work so well in black and white. I also like the grid display of the gallery photos each with photo titles/captions displayed.
    I imagine you can still go for solo walks during lockdown?

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  3. Really evocative photos. It is some years now since I visited Liverpool. Hope soon we will be able to explore again. At present just local parks and the Marple canal paths. All very beautiful when it doesn’t rain.

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