Two of a kind?

My grandchildren look nothing like me, or anyone in my past. One looks like his dad. The next one looks like his uncle. The next one’s the spitting image of his granddad. And then along came Zoë. A few weeks back, my son found this photo of me at about the age Zoë is now, and thought he detected a resemblance. Two of a kind? You decide.

Slide between the two pictures to compare me with my granddaughter

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70 thoughts on “Two of a kind?”

  1. You look as if you’re wondering why on Earth you’ve been plonked down there but Zoe knows exactly what she’s about and what she’s going to paint next!!!!but both of you are very pretty…, aaahhhh!! Xx

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  2. Yes, two of a kind. But you will live on through her. Children are amazing subjects for photographers…. I love your photo and that of your granddaughter – the expression on her face. Love the curls and I imagine the hair is fine and soft, too. There is a resemblance in the eyes, but I am certain she resemble you in your courage and zest for life she will get through you as her grandmother. Keep doting on her and spoiling her as much as you are able. It’s the gift she will treasure for ever. Peace.

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    1. If only! Covid has meant we’ve only been able to meet once since the pandemic started. We do our best to maintain contact that little ones can participate in, but it’s no substitute for cuddles. Hope all is well with your family.

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  3. Definitely a resemblance. The nose, lips and around the eyes. Adorable, both of you. Zoe’s hair is a little curlier, but yes there is a “two of a kind” here! Hope the two of you are kindred spirits! 🙂

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  4. Definitely a resemblance. We have generations of family photos on the wall up the stairs, known as the dead rellies wall, and facial features over the decades are fascinating.

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  5. Spitting images (no, not that sort!). Both beautiful kids, a delight. All features very similar, and the overall appearance too. You must be very proud of Zoe, and she of you,I suspect.


  6. Definitely a resemblance and both lovely photos. So awful how the pandemic is keeping families apart. At least technology is enabling some forms of communication that were not available a generation ago – some comfort there though not enough.


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