37 thoughts on “Be-kind-to-your-car-day …”

  1. Not only do I like the image, your title made me chuckle because a) my car needs a wash but b) rain may be coming this evening. Oh the dilemma – to wash or not to wash? That is the question.

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      1. You caught me! Tomorrow maybe. I have to charge my little vacuum so I can clean the inside too. Maybe it is safe to go through the car wash??


      1. what I meant was that whereas we snowflakes see and admire the beautiful pattern made by the jet-powered window cleaner/soapsuds, a different approach could be a scientific analysis of the pattern . From it and other patterns the entrepreneur could work out the minutiae of variations in pressure, brands of detergent etc etc to come up with what worked best and made people most pleased for the least outlay – and the best price,natch, You could then give the greatest happiness to the greatest number, at maximum profit. `Or something like that. But I digress….

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