More from the Farne Islands

So many kinds of sea bird…

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54 thoughts on “More from the Farne Islands”

      1. PS Berwick grew on me after I saw how good the train service is! The house is almost perfect but has no garden as right on the quay, so probably a no no but MrB is tempted . . . . . . . .

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      1. You would definitely take an instant dislike to one if it bit you between your thumb and index finger when you were trying to ring them. That is their preferred spot to attack and they don’t let go!


      2. Yes indeed. Their beaks are serrated so they can catch and carry multiple fish (sand eels are a favourite) and they have extra bone at the tip. They draw blood when the bite. I used to help ring the new batches of birds on St Kilda when I worked there.

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    1. Thanks. It was a great day. Although there were a lot of people, everyone was there because really interested, so it felt respectful of the birds, who – apart from the terns – took absolutely no notice of us.

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