Squirrel in a Tizz.

Walking in Studley Royal the other day, my interest was kindled by an odd yelping call coming from one of the trees along my path. It wasn’t from any bird I recognised. That’s because it turned out not to be a bird, but a grey squirrel. An alarmed and agitated grey squirrel. This one.

I don’t know what the problem was – nothing that I could see. But he was at it as I arrived. I watched him for more than five minutes, and he was still at it as I went on my way. This is what he sounded like.

YouTube‎ · ‎Jed Deadlock

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32 thoughts on “Squirrel in a Tizz.”

  1. Aww, shame! 🙂 🙂 Thank you for being the vehicle by which I reach Becky today. I don’t know why but she hasn’t appeared in my Reader today and I’ve been searching like that demented skwirrel 🙂 🙂

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      1. My Inbox goes frantic if I follow that way. Thanks, anyway- very helpful 🙂 Raining again or are you off out? Crowket has been cancelled as the lawns are too soggy 🙂

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      2. Mean streak? Me??? 🙂 🙂 Currently fighting with a very sticky marzipan topped bun. I have to have it for breakfast because it won’t keep and I’m out to lunch. Better run up and down the stairs a few times first.

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  2. Fascinating. You caught him well Margaret and it’s impressive how much effort they put unto sounding the alarm. I haven’t seen one making the noise, but they are good at flapping their tails too.

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  3. Glad you found who was making all the noise. it is an odd sound isn’t it. He’d probably just spotted some acorns near where you were walking and was letting you know they were his!


  4. Squirrels are such characters. I absolutely love them. Years ago, we lived in a house with an alarm system that was a little wonky and kept going off (we quickly just disconnected it for good)– the squirrels hated it. When it began its loud buzzing for the third or fourth time in a weekend, a whole passel of squirrels gathered in the trees around our house and began that sort of fussing at us. It was funny. (And, of course, they were right– I think that’s when we just disconnected the whole alarm system.)

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  5. How very extraordinary. There is something around here that makes an unusual sound and we have yet to discover what it is. Not this though.


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