How Now Brown – and Black – Cows?

These cows greeted me as I walked across a field in Kirklington.  When I was safely over the stile and into the next field, I took a group portrait.

Better with …

… or without Bessie No-Mates?

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34 thoughts on “How Now Brown – and Black – Cows?”

      1. Escaping our neighbour’s 21st party outside by treating ourselves to a weekend away – not travelling far as it’s Bank Holiday weekend.


  1. I prefer the group minus, Bessie, but that said the group plus Bessie begs a story…does she fart louder than the rest of them, or something?

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  2. Well you certainly had their attention! I think I prefer the first one – makes one wonder why the group to the right is so bunched up and if Bessie is performing some kind of sentry duty …

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  3. Oh I guess I’m in the minority on this one – definitely prefer the photo with Bessie. That is a little for the visual aesthetic, but mostly for the social inclusion. Do cows do social?

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  4. At least, the cows don’t seem to be racists. — on the “how now brown cow”: my voice teacher (way back in drama school) tortured me with this line. I couldn’t hear a difference between my “o”s and her “o”s. *sigh*

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