It’s All Wet

I’ve been hunting through the archive for pictures that are All Wet.  It’s easy enough to find souvenirs of days out in the rain: this is England after all; and of riverside and seaside shots.  But my eye kept being drawn to these photos, ones taken when I was reluctantly imprisoned inside during a rainstorm, or otherwise messing about in the wet.  What do you think?

The Yorkshire Dales in a rainstorm.
Busan, South Korea after a heavy rain storm.

Lens-Artists Challenge #95 – All Wet

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

47 thoughts on “It’s All Wet”

    1. Haha! We once abandoned camping holiday in Wales when my daughter was small. It was unremitting – until we’d packed up and left.


      1. My mother wanted us to leave the Lake District where we were in a caravan for a fortnight. The first week it poured every single day and she was so miserable. Luckily my dad and I persuaded her to stay and the second week was a scorcher.

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  1. what do I think? I think they’re all marvellous. I loved that photo of a wet Busan when you first showed it and that and the first one are particularly outstanding for me. But I also love the cherry blossom on the pond, the Cumbrian scene and the one from inside the whale/carwash and oh all of them! Well done you!

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  2. I never realized it but I guess I’m just a sucker for rainy night street photos Margaret. Maybe because I kive fairly far from town and when it rains here it’s all about trees and plants. Lovely choices for the challenge

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  3. Such interesting interpretations. For still images, wet, especially rain, turns out to be all about surfaces – an unexpected conclusion for me. Thank you for a pleasant thought-provoking addition to my day.

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  4. I do like taking rain shots through the window and I get plenty of practice! I also like reflections in puddles – like the one in my light header photo.

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  5. That street scene is great and the raindrops on the window panes speak to a gentler rain than we generally get here. I think that perhaps rain in the UK being more omnipresent arouses different feelings than rain does here where weather extremes are extremely extreme and we have nominally at least a wet season and a dry season. We are going into our dry season now, so looking at your rainy pics was extra pleasing.

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    1. Oh good! It’s taken me many years to be more accommodating about rain. It always used to be a Nuisance, that Got in the Way. These days, I’m prepared to see the bigger picture. Which can mean that it still comes in the wrong place at the wrong time for some communities.

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