Look for Shadows

‘Look for shadows’, says Jude.  So I have.  William did too, and he was sure he could catch his shadow if he tried just a little bit harder.

I went out catching shadows too: on roadways, in fields, on the bedroom wall.  Sometimes they were crisp silhouettes of the objects themselves, and at other times bafflingly indistinct, or satisfyingly abstract.

# 2020 Photo Challenge 18



Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

37 thoughts on “Look for Shadows”

  1. I could do with some shadow right now. Getting to be too warm for breakfast on the roof. I may go hunting later. William is adorable and you’ve caught him well 🤗💕

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    1. Saying nice things about William cuts no ice here if you’re going to go on about how warm/hot it is. Just go away and enjoy it and stop telling us in the frozen North all about it.

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      1. She moans about the rain and taunts us with blue skies and now she’s complaining about the heat! The woman has no sense of compassion for the rest of us 😂

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  2. Oops! I hadn’t realised it was shadows this month, or I wouldn’t have done a Wordless Wednesday. I must get out more! The climber one fascinates me – it’s very mysterious – and the oak tree. I’d have liked to see the walkers one a bit bigger.

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    1. Until I saw you hadn’t linked it, I assumed your post was for the challenge. It’s not too late! I quite liked the climber one too. And if you click on the walkers one, you can see it in a larger format.


      1. I didn’t get notified about your comment (above) so it looks like my notifcations are playing up again, although I did get the like, which alerted me to come and check. I first tried clicking the picture in The Reader but it didn’t enlarge, although it does direct on your site. I can’t understand why they put the captions over the picture in The Reader either. Grumbling over…

        It’s a great picture! I don’t know what happens if we retitle posts, so I don’t know if I dare repurpose my WW post.


  3. Ah, I never use the Reader, so don’t know about these things. As to re titling. Yes, it’ll show the changed title as you open up to read it, but the original will remain as the link. But don’t bother with changing it. Just modify your text and insert the relevant link. That’ll do it.


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