I’m Behind the Curve

I woke up this morning to realise it’s already May: though without the accompanying balmy weather.  And I hadn’t yet done Jude’s April Photo Challenge.  I wonder if she’ll notice if I squeeze it in today?

She wants us to explore curved lines.  I’ve found this the most difficult of her challenges, so let’s see what I’ve come up with.

I’ve begun on one of my daily walks near the house:  An oak tree providing a natural arching frame over a field of rape, horizontal as the horizon.


Let’s go on a virtual journey to the Yorkshire Dales where in normal times, we love to walk: streams, rolling hills, drystone walls, snaking ahead of us on our path.

And at our nearby nature reserve, Nosterfield, brambles frame the local landscape in the autumn.

Lastly, let’s make a trip to Gateshead, and look at the Millennium Bridge framing the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art.

2020 Photo Challenge #17



54 thoughts on “I’m Behind the Curve”

  1. By my rules, you’re totally in… 🙂
    I love your photos, and I love (and miss) those rolling drystone walls everywhere in Good Old Blighty…. Thank You and Happy Mayday – or should I write May Day?!

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      1. WHAT? First of May is NOT a holiday in UK? I totally forgot that – in Switzerland and France it is…. Sorry about that! Really, I mean it.

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  2. I’m counting on you being allowed. Her changeover day is Sunday. Still going strong with the challenges, Margaret 🤣🤣 Lovely scenes. Melting here! It’s a Bank Holiday so the bbqs are going 🤗💕

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    1. Of course she’s allowed. As you rightly state the changeover day is Sunday, and I’m not such a stickler for rules anyway, I’m just chuffed that anyone wants to join me in my quest. Monday is a Bank Holiday I believe though it is not going to make the slightest difference to the way life is at the moment.

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      1. Well that was kept quiet. Not that I celebrate these things anyway. I guess the government will expect us all to make bunting as well as face masks! 😂

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      2. [shoots off to look at the calendar on the wall…] Helps if I’d turned it to May, but no on my calendar (a NT one) it says 4 May, early spring bank holiday. On 8th May is just handwritten – “Luca’s 4th birthday”. My youngest grandchild.

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  3. Life might be throwing us a curve ball, but you’re bouncing right back- gorgeous scenes as always. Thank for the escape.

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  4. I love your photos of the English countryside. I am feeling much more relaxed after viewing them. We’ve had several days of rain and it did wonders for the lawn, but the creeks and rivers are overflowing. Today is going to be an amazing day. I know it and I can feel it. Hope yours is, too. Peace.


  5. There you are, I knew you could do it, Margaret, which is why I prodded you!! Love the reservoir and the dry stone wall images! 😊😊☕️ or evening 🍷

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      1. Oh Scotland suppose that was the likely place as less pesky walkers for the film company to airbrush away. Of course, if I hadn’t fallen asleep during the film(s) I might have realised, but those intrepid location managers do love to trick us. Thank you for finding out. I still like the look of yours and the whole scene is so dramatically other-worldly.

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  6. Think you got in just in time with those amazing curves. The bramble curve is more of a cursed curve for me as I am battling a section I need to clear. Vicious and one hit me in the eye, but all ok now!

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  7. Life might be throwing us a curve ball, but you’re bouncing right back- gorgeous scenes as always. Thanks for the escape.

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