Top Secret! Top Sleuth Needed Now!

The other day we got this postcard in the post.  It’s from a friend, deciding against constant Social Media communication in favour of something a little more personal.  It’s a lovely idea which I plan on copying.  There’s just one problem.  We can’t read the signature, and we don’t recognise the handwriting – who does any more in these days of emails?

Who is our Mystery Friend?*

* Clue.  We don’t think it’s Jonah.  Or the whale.

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31 thoughts on “Top Secret! Top Sleuth Needed Now!”

      1. I have such a small family that I really DO know everyone’s writing – and it’s just a little formal in style too – far too polite for a family member!


    1. That is super-sleuthing indeed. But our correspondent is using postcards acquired over the years. And we know nobody in Norfolk. But I’m impressed with your research. Thank you! xx


  1. I visited earlier and came back to see if the mystery sender has identified themselves. I wonder if someone might help interpret the signature if you posted that bit.

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  2. I was glad to look at the link provided by Penny to see that depicted is Jonah escaping from the whale and not being swallowed by the whale.
    Perhaps the card was a random act of kindness from a friendly stranger? Perplexing though!

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