The Last Walk Before Lock Down

You didn’t need a crystal ball to know that my walk yesterday, reached by car rather than directly from home, might be my last for a while.  The thought of impending Lock Down made my hours alone near Masham, walking by the River Ure and through the nature reserve of Marfield Wetlands, special, memorable and something to be savoured, even if it’s not actually a Great Yorkshire Walk.

After a couple of miles there’s some pasture land.  Some trees there are dead or dying.  Ancient trunks have actually fallen.  They were demanding to be centre stage for Jude’s Photo Challenge this week, mixing textures with other colours and patterns.

See?  Lichens have cunningly introduced themselves into the regular fissures of a fallen log.  Lush young nettles complement the bleached dry bark of a different trunk.  Peep though knotted holes to spot the greenery beyond.  Wisps of white wool wander across the surface of moss encrusted ancient branches.

Then I met stones, originally smoothed and polished by the River Ure as it hurried and bustled noisily along. Now they’re covered again: not by water, but by springy mosses and young creeping plants, and pert little celandine squeezing between them.

Then though it was time for sheep.  Not just sheep, but their lambs, endearingly new-born, in their two-sizes too big overcoats.  Who could resist?

Keen not to abandon Jude’s assignment, I found two last shots.  A row of fat cattle, chewing away in their barn, contrasted with the diagonal and vertical lines of their shelter.  And then a rusted old bit of farming machinery provided a perfect picture frame for a view.  A fine use for a bit of tackle that’ll probably be on the scrap heap any day now.

The Wetlands were surprisingly quiet (lunchtime…). But I had a bit of fun with a teasel, getting up close to get a shot of its spiny plump body.

A good walk. Lots of memories to store up for a long, odd summer ahead.


2020 Photo Challenge #12: Texture: ‘mix your texture with other colours and patterns.’

Jo’s Monday Walk.

48 thoughts on “The Last Walk Before Lock Down”

      1. Oh. Something else. Our UK trip is off too. I’m full of understanding and totally gutted ….. haven’t told any of our friends yet. I’m such a coward.

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  1. what a thoughtful, beautiful, slightly sad post. Do you mean you can’t go out AT ALL? A bit like in France where you can only go out for shopping or doctor’s appointments? Love the sheep, the well observed nature details, the idea…. Thank you for sharing!!!!!

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  2. A long very odd summer indeed from the sound of things , Margaret. Thanks for sharing this with me and your beautiful, lively descriptions. It will be a while before I see family or England again. Trying to stay positive but Ryanair just announced no flights April/May. Quietly gutted despite my idyllic world here. Every little helps 🤗💕

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    1. It’s tough, Jo, isn’t it? And of course I shan’t see Emily in Barcelona. But frankly, the ones who live in London, and just at the other end of the M 62 in Bolton are no more accessible now either.


      1. On a sunny terrace with a good book? Getting back to your post, there’s a lovely mossy figure who looks a bit like Puck, in that group above the lambs? 🙂 🙂


  3. Love the wool on the bark and your accompanying poetic commentary. Altogether a fine much needed distraction from today’s events or should that be lack of events. Tough times for everybody even the PM is having to put in a solid day’s work or two – poisoned chalice springs to mind.

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  4. Lots of lovely textures and colours and patterns. The trees and stones proved to be most helpful 😊 I was photographing lambs yesterday, but they were reluctant to look at me! Can you walk directly from your house? I can, but I would like to drive to the beach, not sure if that’s allowed still. I would be on my own in the car.

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    1. We’re lucky, we can walk from our house in several directions for a decent walk. But it’s nice to get a little further away. I’m so grateful not to be in a city though. I sort of think these car trips aren’t allowed, even alone.


  5. These photos are especially lovely Margaret, with the added poignancy that you won’t be able to venture so far afield during the lock down. Here in SA too, a countrywide lockdown has been announced (starting Thursday midnight) and we have been asked not to leave our homes except, when necessary, to do essential things such to go out to buy food. We are grateful to have a garden. We can see neighbours over the fence, but other than that all contact will be virtual. Even though we are relatively reclusive it is a strange prospect, although we are relieved these strict measures are being introduced to try to slow the escalating rate of infections. Stay safe and I hope all of us are able to find meaningful forms of quiet engagement through these troubling times.

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    1. And you! I suspect that though my daily rhythms are being altered out of all recognition, there is plenty for me to find satisfaction doing – you too probably. If it weren’t all so wretchedly worrying and unsettling, I coud quite enjoy it, I think.

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  6. I love these pictures. We are home bound, sort of, too! We are advised to walk or hike with immediate family members living in the same house. This afternoon, we will go to a trail about two miles form home. I am looking to get out in some sunshine, breathing some fresh air, avoiding the news, the internet, the panic.

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      1. Aquí eres un delincuente, acabaremos peor por el encierro, que por el virus…
        Supermercados ha costado el distanciamiento, pero al campo no te acerques. Para mi es una auténtica pesadilla, por lo demás no me afecta… Han roto mi equilibrio que me costo meses conseguir.
        El virus no me da miedo, soy yo mismo el que me asusta…


  7. Our wings may have been clipped but there are always memories and photos to keep us chipper in this surreal time. But just think of the amazing connection there is around the world with family and friends via modern technology…and blogs 🙂 I’ve been rather quiet recently with other things to take up my time, but it is always a joy to read your posts and oggle at your pictures 🙂 Thanks

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