A Nice Cup of Tea … or Coffee

Oh, I’m so glad you’re here – welcome to my little party.  Look, I’ve made coffee already, but if you’d prefer tea, I’ll pop the kettle on.  Darjeeling?  Ceylon?  Do you prefer milk or lemon?

I was hoping you’d come along, so I’ve baked a cake.  I thought carrot cake would kid us into believing we were having one of our five a day, and this recipe from the Guardian looked good .  But I’ve got biscuits too: I made these with teff flour in case anyone’s gluten-free, but I love the slightly malty taste.

I hope Su will come along.  These virtual tea parties were her idea.  Is my carrot cake like yours, Su? And Jo.  Jo always appreciates a slice of cake, though usually at the end of one of her Monday Walks.  Which aren’t happening anywhere just now. Kiki wangled an early invitation, so … come on in! We don’t have to practice social isolation on line.  Let’s have a good time!


Inspired by Zimmerbitch’s Invitation to Tea.

And – oh look!  I have a six word post title.  Do you think I could persuade Debbie to come along for Six Word Saturday?

88 thoughts on “A Nice Cup of Tea … or Coffee”

  1. Clever you! And that cake looks glorious. My kind of biscuits too 🙂 🙂 At times like this I could wish to be a decent cook, but so long as the bakeries stay open and Mick can get to his ‘oh so healthy’ apple turnovers, all will be well 🙂

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      1. I know- he’ll be a happy roly poly man if we can’t get out walking. I can do corned beef pie(not that you can get corned beef here 🙂 ) and cook dinners, just not cakes. They sink disastrously 😦

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  2. What a fab idea! It’s never too early for cake! I’m sitting here feeling more ill than I felt yesterday – been self-isolating for a week now and getting somewhat frustrated at not being better yet. Coffee and carrot cake -the perfect tonic ☕ 🍪 And you’ve got those biscuits just right, Margaret! 😊

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      1. I can’t describe this as mild, but I can say that I’m feeling rather better this morning thank goodness. It has not been good 🤷 Thank you for your kind concern though, very much appreciated. I’m thinking a regular virtual coffee morning might be good 🙂 ☕️


      2. Definitely! Now regular routines are crashing day be day, a virtual coffee with virtual friends seems the way forward. Continue your recovery. Poor thing. Winter ailments done with now then?

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  3. Thanks Margaret; I know I invited myself but then I’m a spontaneous person – and since you know me now a bit, you’ll know that I’m not a ‘sweets’ person and you’ll therefore allow me to bring some ripe Blue Stilton and some crackers to the party. Tea is very much appreciated…. Thank You!

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      1. I guess you will have to buy it too. I just learned that our trip to Devon has to be cancelled…. Or I’ll get some Tête de Moine, (monk’s head) a gr8 Swiss specialty. Sending the link separately. Of course there will be enough for all of you, also some Rye bread and maybe, after tea and coffee, some red wine?

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  4. I had to plead my case yesterday at the checkout as I had a bag of 12 carrots (thinking of soups and possibly a cake, though there is no flour to be found anywhere) as she said really I could only have three, until I pointed out that had there been any I could have bought three BAGS of carrots which would have been a whole lot more than what I actually had! I mean how can you compare loose items to packaged ones? Three bags of 5kg potatoes – or 3 potatoes? Luckily common sense prevailed. So after all that, I’ll happily have a piece of carrot cake – it looks lovely and moist, just the way I like it, if there is any left that is. And coffee. Strong coffee. I need it!

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  5. That’s a great idea. Too bad I’m late, but maybe next week.

    This crisis has changed our lives in many ways, but one positive thing that has happened is more teas and dinners with the extended family. Virtually. We’ve begun to put laptops on the table and synchronizing meals so that we can chat over dinner or tea. It is harder across continents, but a tea break works.

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    1. Well, I’m doing my best to get out walking every day while we’re still allowed to. So let’s see….. So long as we only eat virtual cake, we’ll be fine 😉


  6. That does look jolly tasty and obviously healthy – shame about the loss of flavour. I see you had flour in your store cupboard, but the idea of a store cupboard was all new to my daughter. She phoned over the weekend standing in front of a shelf with only a packet of barley flour left. What’s that expression? Ah yes ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. Looking forward to some new recipes coming over the Internet!

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    1. With a mother like she’s got, I’m sure your daughter is extremely resourceful. We’re all going to have to be, sooner or later. Real life is coming to a stop rapidly now. Routine dental appointments, hairdresser, library … all closed. So barley flour is a minor detail indeed.

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      1. Yes, I was only thinking this morning there’s going to be some ‘interesting’ hair in the next few months. Keeping my fingers crossed re teeth and already missing the library. Hope you are well stocked with books, guessing you are. 😄 Keep safe and keep washing those hands. (I think we are going to get fed up with that reminder quite quickly.)


  7. My goodness! What a lot of comments, Margaret; cake is definitely the way to draw them in! Hehe! I am having to be careful with my baking as the shops ran out of all types of flour a couple of weeks ago and I’ve seen none since. I hope none of it goes to waste or I’ll be very cross!
    I will have to make do with some luscious virtual cake instead, and it does look very good!


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