Patterns Through the Window, on the Wall

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Look out of that window.  Who wants to go out unless they have to?  Instead, I’m inside and cosy, seeing if I can find photos that fit Jude’s 2020 Photo Challenge for February, Patterns.

I decided to go with the built environment.  I looked not for deliberately created architectural motifs, or applied ornamentation, but for reflections, distortion, or for other elements that weren’t intended as the main event.  Except in one case, where reflection and baffling the eye was definitely the main story.  Which one was that do you think?


This challenge was provided by Jude, of Travel Words.  

40 thoughts on “Patterns Through the Window, on the Wall

  1. These are all excellent photos and patterns. I’m guessing the Gasholder garden is deliberate. Kings Cross has changed considerably since the days when I used to travel down to London from Yorkshire!

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    1. Hasn’t it just? I still travel regularly on that route, and always enjoy a stroll round there if I have a little time to kill. Yes, the garden is deliberately playful, I think.

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  2. A great selection. It’s interesting that so many of those ‘very glass buildings’ are made so much more tolerable by the reflections they offer. Encouraging to see baffling offered from the Gasholder architects too.


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