Edinburgh in the Sleet

Yesterday, Malcolm had a Very Significant Birthday. No party, he said.  Definitely no party.  Instead, we travelled by train in style – First Class – to Edinburgh and back.

We nearly missed the train.  Thanks to Storm Ciara, an hour and a half was almost not enough to travel the 18 miles to Northallerton Station.  Our first major diversion was a mere mile from home, and things didn’t get better.

We were at the station in time. Just.  But the train was late.  Never mind. Beyond Newcastle, this is one of England’s finest train journeys.  The coast near Alnmouth, distant views of Holy Island, Berwick-on-Tweed, while enjoying a late breakfast, and unlimited coffee at our table – that stressful journey to the station had been worth it.

Once in Edinburgh, this is what we were faced with.

We put our heads down and made straight for the National Museum of Scotland.  And there we stayed.  All day.  It was no hardship. We had an interesting morning in the fascinating if not photogenic gallery devoted to Scotland’s twentieth century of social change. A very light snack.  And in the afternoon, we followed no plan.  Every gallery had something of interest.  So we each followed our noses, and visited far flung Inuit territory in Canada, plunged into the oceans, watched the Millennium Clock strike three, wondered at unwearable clothing in the costume gallery … We know we’ll be back – so much to see, and it’s so beautifully displayed and interpreted.

Back into the blizzard for the train home. Here’s something to smile at.

And here’s our journey home on the train.



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46 thoughts on “Edinburgh in the Sleet”

  1. To me, train trips are the best…. Spoilt by the many outstanding railways in Switzerland, I also loved my trips (when and if they took place) in England and partially in France. I often used the 1st class when taking the TGV but went totally off it because there just was no extra service whatsoever. The worst were the toilets and still are, simply disgusting. My very first train trip in the UK was a nightmare. Snowstorms, ice on the rails, hours of delay, and at one moment there was a trolley with tea passing, ‘offering’ tea to the distressed customers. I gladly said YES Please and the server said, that will be 95p please (maybe more, I can’t recall)…. Me, coming just over from the continent, I was gobsmacked by this attitude! But hey, it DID warm me up a bit. I loved Edinburgh and I think that’s a fab idea to celebrate a birthday, even more a SPECIAL b’day. Happy belated birthday to Malcolm.

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    1. Trains vary so much in England. When they are good, they are very good. When they are bad, they are horrid. This was good. As it was First Class there was food and drink a-plenty. Not first class food, but certainly edible. Thanks for your birthday wishes.


  2. Wishing a very happy significant year ahead too. Looks like a wonderful museum to visit. I haven’t been to Edinburgh for years. This inspires me but perhaps not this time of year! You certainly show that the show ca go on in spite of stormy snowy weather. Love the police car.

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    1. So did I! Very cheery. Yes, Edinburgh has so much to offer, and though it’s a pity we didn’t see more, it was a chance to dip our toe in the water at the museum. So much more to see and enjoy there.

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  3. Happy significant birthday, Malcolm! Sounds like you made the very best of the bad weather and took an interesting if virtual trip through time and space in the museum! That is some foul weather blowing near you. We had high winds and rain today but not a single flake of snow near us! Phooey!

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  4. What a treat, a whole day in a museum. An excellent way to spend a special day and all that exciting weather! Scotland is looking very inviting these days and not just for a day trip.

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  5. What a lovely way to spend a special birthday, and what luxury to spend all day immersing yourselves in such an interesting museum. Perhaps the weather did you a strange kind of favour! I hope the aftermath of the storm has not been too damaging where you are. Best belated birthday wishes to Malcolm.

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      1. Yes I have heard a little about the Cummings and goings, especially the recent high profile goings. Seems to be a bit more than a storm in a teacup?
        But never mind – we can be distracted by the idea of the preposterous bridge over the troubled waters of the Irish Sea?

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  6. A belated happy birthday to Malcolm. What a fabulous expedition and lots to see at the museum. We hope to visit Edinburgh this summer and I’ll be heading for the museum, if possible.

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  7. Looks like you made the most of the day despite the weather! I’m thinking of flying into Edinburgh next time I come over (which may now be in the UK autumn) as London is so crowded. I’ve realised I can easily get a train down to York or Leeds from Waverley and there is shuttle bus to and from there to the airport. Have only been through Edinburgh once on a train whilst en route to meet my family in Mull and my husband has only been to Glasgow so we thought a couple of days in Edinburgh might be a good option at some point. All the museums and galleries sounds well worth visiting 🙂

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