Longer Daylight, More Sunlight = The First Flowers of Spring….

… spotted on a walk through our village yesterday.

Snowdrops – first spotted on January 1st.
These daffodils by the village pond are always extra-early – even though it’s North Yorkshire.
Aconites bravely push up through the gravel.

January Light

33 thoughts on “Longer Daylight, More Sunlight = The First Flowers of Spring….”

  1. What lovely photos to lift the spirits, though to my mind all the flowers are early, even the snowdrops, though you say the daffodils are usually early. Thinking about climate change brings a touch of anxiety to the lifted spirits and here’s to the many people studying this seriously and putting forward ideas about what to do next.


    1. Yes, it IS all worrying. But these daffs don’t concern me – they do it every year, and snowdrops and aconites are supposed to go on duty at the turn of the year, non? And that lovely long letter … I WILL reply ….


  2. The daffs are a funy lot – I have put some in a vase – but didn’t take too many as I want the others not to feel lonely – but they’re blooming in protected corners for at least two weeks already…. dont we love them?!

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      1. Yes! We live not far from a level crossing and the very first to show every year is this wizened old tree right beside the railway. Always makes me smile. We will be out in almond blossom territory tomorrow. 🙂 🙂 Now… you were talking Cadiz? No pressure!

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    1. Snow? Last week we were over the Pyrenees (Flying. I know. The train was beyond prohibitive) and I was shocked at how little snow we saw. Only on the very very highest tops, whereas really, the lot should have been coated. However, don’t worry about those daffs. They’ve been doing it for years in that spot, apparently. Most of the others are still waiting for spring.

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      1. The daffs very happy in their microclimate no doubt. Of course, we could all be shocked by another Beast from the East episode, was a late Feb/early March affair as I recall, but this winter warm is unsettling.

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