2019: a Year in Photos

Oh it’s hard, summing up my year in a few photos.  Are these good ones?  Or good memories?  Or both?

Here’s a miscellany of memories.  Yet the high point of my year, the Belated Birthday Celebration hatched by my entire family in Spain in June isn’t recorded here. Those personal snapshots don’t qualify here.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #77: Favourite Photos of 2019

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      1. Well, that and trying to create images that beg questions, or stories, from the viewer… On the subject of memories, I am a firm believer in collecting future nostalgias to bolster me in times when I’m unable to travel…..

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  1. A beautiful selection of images. I expect it was an involved task to choose just fifteen especially if you are like the rest of us with thousands of digital photos. My New Year’s resolution for 2020 – ‘keep the best and delete the rest’.

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  2. All lovely photos. I also can’t pick a favourite. The coloured reflections in the water in the photo of the heron did catch my eye though. Here as the year draws to a close the lovely sound of the hum and chirrups of insects is interspersed with unpleasantly loud fireworks explosions. Fittingly inappropriate ending to an inappropriate year if that makes sense?

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      1. In the past few weeks we have decided to read less news – a stance I despised in my younger days, but now it is necessary to maintain a distance where possible else crumble. It is strange that mostly bad news is what is covered by the media. I think it skews one’s perspective even when one might think one knows better… . And these days news sources (not to mention reality) are so relentlessly there. So moderation in all things perhaps, but trying to emphasize all that brings comfort and joy …


      2. That’s definitely going to be the way forward for me. My excuse is that it’s no longer my own future that’s at stake, but that of younger generations. I still care, I’ll still sometimes be active, but … I’ll devote my remaining energy to things I really can influence and change.

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  3. A lovely collection, hinting at the personal memories that lie behind the images. One photo, the Yorkshire Remain brass, prompts a shared memory as I enjoyed a pause listening to them on the march in October. I may have been standing next to you without knowing it. Happy New Year!

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  4. Photos are so good at cheering your memories – these ones are beautifully varied. My eyes immediately caught the heron standing in the colourful water – unusual! All the best for the new year!

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