A Flight of Bubbles: See the Light!

Let’s begin 2020 with positivity, take Becky’s challenge and fill the blogosphere with Light.

I posted some pictures last week of bubbles catching and reflecting the light on the South Bank in London.  Here are a few more…..



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32 thoughts on “A Flight of Bubbles: See the Light!”

      1. We need to follow their example, me thinks, and find more joy in our lives. By the way have you seen Cee’s new Wednesday challenge? It’s all about joy, and this would be perfect for that too ☺️

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  1. It’s great to be positively positive 🙂 Start the year on a high! It’s lovely to see children just simply having fun (and not a phone or computer in sight)! They are the future and our hope.


  2. A lovely start. I captured this bubble maker guy several years ago in the same place. I’ve even got a photo for the challenge! But not as great as yours. You have lots of happy faces 🙂

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  3. I wonder if it WAS the same Bubble Guy? I have photos taken outside the Natural History Museum last year, and it’s definitely not him there. Lots of Bubble Guys making lots of children – and adults – happy, is a Good Thing.


  4. Light is where we all should be. Unfortunately, there is darkness. If we could all live in the light, what a wonderful world it would be. i love how you captured the bubbles on a bright December afternoon. Those children can only see the light in the world. Love it. Happy New Year!

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