Country Mouse visits the Big City

Country Mouse, Country Mouse from Yorkshire ventures south this week, to The Great Wen, the Smoke – that’s London to you.

We Yorkshire Country Mice like to put it about that we are friendly, neighbourly, affable. That them southerners on the other hand, are not. London folk, we opine, don’t know their neighbours, wouldn’t lend you a cup of sugar, and Keep Themselves to Themselves.

That’s never been my experience of London.

And here’s the proof. I stepped off the train and headed for Coal Drops Yard. You need a bob or two to live or shop in this newly gentrified area.

But anyone at all can and does enjoy the public spaces here: the canal side, the water play in the large open squares, the markets.

Families, tourists, couples, youngsters all amble happily, taking advantage of the open spaces, an impromptu jazz band playing on a barge (aka a second hand bookshop), and children playing in the water fountains.

My photos haven’t really captured street life. I simply can’t see what I’m taking on my phone, and my camera is in Intensive Care (the bill will be expensive: no NHS for photographic equipment). But enjoy strolling round this area, a mere five minutes from Kings Cross and Saint Pancras Stations. You’ll be in friendly company.

Jo’s Monday Walk is on holiday. But I’ll send my stroll along anyway.
Capelas, Sáo Miguel- not quite a Monday walk

36 thoughts on “Country Mouse visits the Big City”

  1. Argent, the developers who own the land there have done more than most to make the public spaces. even though privately owned, attractive. It is just down the road from where I live and I go often to the area. I also go to King’s Place on the other side of the road from your jazz playing bookshop on the canal.

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  2. Oh, and meant to say sorry to hear your camera is in ICU….. mine is now 5, I think, and has been hospitalised twice so far…..but what would I do without it? It’s part of my wellbeing….


  3. Well, I think your phone has a pretty good camera as these are a fun and engaging selection of pics. It’s always the way that you wish you had your actual camera with you when you haven’t! Good luck with its repair, hope it’s not too pricey.

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    1. It’s not the quality of the camera that’s the issue ( though my phone is only a 100 quid Motorola). It’s not being able to see AT ALL what I’m taking. Lots of duff shots.My camera repair is expensive….

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  4. What happened to your camera this time?! This area of London looks wonderful–I love the idea that it’s open to anyone and that people take advantage of that. My own experience as a country mouse visiting large cities is like yours–I find Boston and New York to be friendly and fun, with neighborhoods that have a small-town feeling.

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    1. Last time it was stolen. This time, for the first time ever, it’s grit. Not happy. Yes, it does Country Mice good to get out every now and then. Not too often mind.


  5. Well, I’ve never heard of this area but it looks a great place and it will be on the list for my next visit to Blighty. (I know what you mean about not being able to see what you are taking on a phone)!

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  6. Well your phone camera captured so well what looks to be a fun and interesting neighbourhood. I love the band on the bookshop barge. I wonder how many books get accidentally dropped in the river?
    I have a new phone with a better camera and I am finding out what you mean about not seeing what you are taking!
    So sorry about the grit in the camera. I had that happen once, and having it sorted was expensive but it came back as good as new. The grit thing can be a problem with many of the bridge cameras unfortunately, although some do claim to be relatively “weather proof” I gather.

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    1. I think they have that bookshop pretty sorted. Nothing of value is likely to end up in the Thames. And yes, the grit is irritating, but it’s the first time it’s happened so I hope it won’t be a regular thing. And I’m not dealing well with my camera phone in the sunshine. Ah well.

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  7. I have the same trouble as you taking pictures with my phone and my point-and-shoot camera. The camera even has a view-finder but my eyesight has become too dodgy to see clearly through that as well! I aim and hope for the best resulting in many failures.
    I love the shots of the little girl in the water fountain and also the book-shop jazz-band.

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    1. She was having such fun – as was the band. I suppose we’re all lucky that these days we can point and shoot at will, without having to worry that the film will soon run out and we only have two shots left. You take great photos for your blog.

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  8. This is an area of London that I don’t know at all and it does look inviting. Markets, open spaces, music, books on boats… I must investigate. And I do sympathise regarding the camera. I frequently can’t see what I’m shooting on my phone; it’s always a lottery – and often a pleasant surprise when I see them on a decent sized screen. I hope the ‘real’ camera is out of intensive care very soon.

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  9. I always find if I’m standing at a bus stop and I start a conversation that people talk back to me, wherever I am, Margaret. Mick just says I’m gobby! 🙂 🙂 Sorry I missed your link. Hopefully put it in on Monday.

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