The wind, the wind. The sea, the sea

Wind turbines near Zeebrugge.

I love wind turbines.  I love to see them set against the skyline, and marching across the crest of a distant line of hills.  And this week, I loved to see them near the coast, their legs in the sea, a gritty port-side industrial landscape behind them.

These are wind turbines near Zeebrugge, near Rotterdam, and near Hull.

In response to today’s Ragtag Challenge: Wind.

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14 thoughts on “The wind, the wind. The sea, the sea”

  1. I’m ambivalent on the aesthetics but love what they represent. I get so fed up with people ranting against them so it’s great to hear someone so positive.

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  2. Yes, I had read some people complain about the noise, but visually I can’t see the problem especially on the coast (your photos are a fine example of their graceful engineering) and after all we have had pylons striding across the countryside for over half a century. And, even without the carbon emissions problems of fossil fuels we all find coal slag heaps so much more attractive!! 😉

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  3. I love them, too–I actually think they’re aesthetically very appealing, and so powerful. We see them mostly on high ridges of farmland so there’s the added benefit that they bring income to local farmers. They lease their land to the power company and, for once, a farmer can make some money an easy way!

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  4. The first time I actually saw them en masse was in fact in Portugal, maybe 10 years ago now. So much more part of a normal landscape now.


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