Yorkshire for Europe – part 2

We’re back from Brussels.  ‘We’ were a 60 strong group whose members, between us, had birthdates representing every single decade from the 1930s to the 2000s. And we had indeed come from Yorkshire just to say- ‘We’re for ever European’…

…. to ask ‘What shall we do with this rotten Brexit?’….

.. and to assert…..

We were cheered and moved to be tooted supportively by passing cars,  told by streetcleaners, policemen, ice-cream stallholders, bar staff, passport control staff, passers-by that people in mainland Europe want us to stay, welcomed our efforts.

Wednesday was the day when we marched round the European Parliament campus singing and waving our European, Yorkshire and Union flags.  It was the day when we toured the parliament building, having a question and answer session with Henry Wasung,  British multi-lingual member of staff, and in the absence of our own MEP Richard Corbett, who was in London, with Seb Dance, Labour MEP for London.  All of which assured us in our knowledge that only staying in Europe makes sense.

Singing on campus (ChiaraMacCall)

In the afternoon we were centre stage.  We were at the Schuman Roundabout, focal point of the buildings of many of the EU institutions.  So were members of Brussels Light Opera, Women for Europe, EU super girl and Young European of the Year 2018 Madeleina Kay.  And we sang (see above!).  Madeleina sang.  Various British MEPs came to support us and to speak.  Our own Shaffaq Mohammed and Magid Magid made speeches too.

Madeleina Kay with Magid Magid (Chiara MacCall)

Then it was four o’clock and time to go.  Time to load the flags, the posters, the banners into the coach and make our way back to the ship, and to England.

Packing up at the end (Chiara MacCall)

We feel energised, optimistic, ready to plan the next stage of our campaign.  Whatever we do, we’ll continue to make it fun and uplifting.  No sour faces here.

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I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

28 thoughts on “Yorkshire for Europe – part 2”

  1. I know I’m becoming repetitive but thank you, all of you who made the journey and sang, I know we’re running out of time but I’m ever hopeful…


  2. Bravissimi. Must be so rewarding to be DOING something rather than simply lying back and thinking of Little Britain.

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  3. Wonderful, followed all your songs and loved them. I wish you had been headline news here. Thanks so much for flying the flag for all your well wishers at home.

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  4. I am hopeful for you, just as I am hopeful for us on this side of the pond! When I was in Britain, I had an interesting conversation with an older gentleman on a train who said he favored Brexit because, “We just want our country back”. We have somewhat the same attitude here…and if you get to the meat of it, both attitudes are saying the same thing. So sad!

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    1. And will we ‘get our country back’ in the way that he imagines? I think not…. those days are long gone. We’re citizens of Europe now, and the world map is no longer coloured pink.

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    1. We wanted people to know that not everyone in the UK turns their back on Europe. Which of course they know anyway. It was a real morale-booster for us too.


  5. So pleased you had such a positive reception and the complete opposite to the terrible goings on with the SODEM protest being attacked by Brexit thugs outside the House of Lords yesterday. Hope you all keep safe.

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    1. Well, we normally have a little verbal agression directed at us, but so far, nothing worse. It’s outnumbered by the people who are pleased to see us, pleased that someone is speaking for a different future. Well, we can but hope……

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  6. That’s quite a band–I was surprised to see horns and a cello! You all sound very good, and the whole scene is uplifting, with the flags and placards. It must feel good to be *doing* something about what you believe in.

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  7. Great stuff…although John doesn’t agree….but everyone to their own!
    We thought we saw Malcolm this morning carrying a banner but not sure. Anyway, good on you.
    We were teasing John last weekend when he was morris dancing, and there was a group of your fellows singing at the side. Margaret Bushall stuck a sticker on his back and I took a photo with the flag behind him. Good fun xx

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    1. You DID see Malcolm – then later, I turnd up, after a Plastic Free Ripon Litter Pick (living the dream….). We heard last Saturday was great fun.


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