Arab Granada

Southern Spain once upon a time was Muslim territory. So Javi’s mum decided we should begin getting to know Granada by visiting Albaícin.

This was a quarter, then outside the main city walls, developed by the Muslims between the 6th and 15th centuries. It’s a warren of tiny characterful streets interspersed with grander dwellings, ‘carmen’. These houses had large courtyards at their core, planted with vines, with fruit trees, with sweet smelling climbing shrubs. Cooling fountains played.

And for us there were views too, across to the snow-crusted Sierra Nevada, and to the Alhambra. That’s where we’ll go tomorrow.

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17 thoughts on “Arab Granada”

  1. What an enchanting place! Love your pictures. I love traveling my country, but wish I could spend more time in Europe. Scotland is the plan for next year, but I have never been on the continent…would love to do that!


  2. When I know you’re away I have to save your blog posts so I can ‘binge read’. Like Susan my appetite is whetted.


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