Bevies of birds

On my way to yoga last Friday I was stopped in my tracks.  There, high above me was that unmistakeable raucous calling that only flying geese can deliver.  I watched, as ever transfixed by the cooperative and graceful weaving flight of these birds.  They maintained their traditional V shape as they journeyed on, but I realised they weren’t constantly following the same Top Goose.  First one, then another would fly forwards, only to be succeeded by another, only moments later.  Always, however, they remained connected, a purposeful team.



I saw these geese at Marfield Wetlands exactly this time last year. Disobligingly, they did not formed perfect Vs for me.

Later, lying on my back in the yoga group, I glimpsed a red kite, wheeling and diving directly above the skylight.

Red kite (Wikimedia Commons)

A Good Morning.

These photos were taken this time last year.  I still have no camera….

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15 thoughts on “Bevies of birds”

  1. What wonderful sightings. I have never seen or heard large formations of geese in flight. It must be thrilling. I imagine you must miss your camera so much. I am holding thumbs that Santa manages to gift you one for Christmas 🎅


      1. Ah yes, Santa likes us to be good.
        Re geese, we do get them (three species I think in SA), but they don’t do mass migrations so I have not seen the flying formations that you describe.

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  2. We had a few magical moments walking out through the salt marshes last week. Cloud after cloud of birds flew overhead, some in formation and some stragglers, but all determinedly heading south. Someone must have told them winter is here. 🙂 🙂

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  3. Dear me–I do hope there’s a new camera in your future! Whenever I’m without a camera, something happens that I know would be the BEST photo ever, if only I had a way to take it!

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  4. I hardly ever saw flying geese, wrong country, wrong place, wrong whatever. I’m glad you could go back to your stock…. and the Wiki steal of the red kite!!! 🙂

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