Freedom for Catalonia!

Driving away from Berga.

We stopped off in Berga on our way to Barcelona.  It’s a mediaeval city with a strong history of republicanism.  In May 2012 for instance, the town council declared King Juan Carlos to be ‘persona non grata‘.  Nobody’s likely though, to be keen on a king who goes elephant hunting in Africa as his country plunges ever deeper into recession.

Now its cause of choice is Catalan independence.  I’m not going into the arguments here. Though sauntering along various Ramblas on a September evening as friends and families pop into a bar for a drink, or to a restaurant for dinner, it’s hard to accept their definition of themselves as an oppressed people; or to take entirely seriously their view that they and, for instance, the Kurds, are all in it together.

Mooch up and down the narrow alleys of Berga with us and look at the posters, the slogans, the street art which are such a feature of this town.  A young man stopped me as I was snapping away.  ‘We don’t all think that way here’ he said.  But he admitted that he was in a minority .

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12 thoughts on “Freedom for Catalonia!”

  1. It’s all so very complicated isn’t it? Autonomy, identity and respect for difference, but at the same time we are all humans seemingly busy squabbling when we so need to be acting collectively especially in the face of climate change.


  2. I love street art although I suspect one person’s art is another’s graffiti. I was so pleased to read the Fanny post – you all deserve a happy ending.

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    1. There’s no doubt that a lot of this falls under the graffiti heading. But Spain has a lot of good street art too. Thanks. Things looking up at last for my daughter and co.


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