Snapshot Saturday: some seaside sandals

The WordPress Photo Challenge is dead.  Long live the Photo Challenge.

I enjoyed that weekly photo challenge.  It was fun looking for ways – for photos – to meet the challenge.  It encouraged me to think creatively, and to flick through my albums, reviving memories of walks, holidays and days out.

But WordPress, for undisclosed reasons of its own, has given up on it. So I’ve had a bit of a hunt for others.  Here are two that I’ve found, and one – Cee’s Challenges – has several different themes.  Another that interests me is Sunday Stills, hosted at Second Wind Leisure aided and abetted by Mucho Spanish.

This week, Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge is ‘Shoes or feet’.  And I remembered a sunny day in Whitstable last summer, having a properly happy family day at the seaside with my son and his son, my grandson William.  I remembered our lining our sandals up on the breakwater as we went hunting shells and stones and baby crabs, and paddling, and generally being Brits at the Seaside.  Here is the evidence:

Fellow former users of WP Photo Challenge.  Please share your finds, if you know of any other good challenges.

25 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday: some seaside sandals”

  1. I really like this photo – there is something so nostalgic or pre-war about breakwaters. Or according to the children’s literature from the UK I was exposed to as a child 🙂 I have actually visited Whitstable (as have relatives there) and was enchanted by the beach and the little fishing boats and the harbour. Thanks for the links to some photo challenges. I’ll keep a lookout for others. I just get panicky at the thought of posting more than once a week, just as I get panicked by blogs that post more than once or twice a week, especially if I like them. I just can’t keep up!

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  2. But you DO post more than once a week – generally two great posts together! Yes, blog-reading could turn into a full-time occupation. I must remember that when I have tended to post daily when travelling. Though in truth, that’s more for me, as a souvenir.


    1. Point taken ☺ but I figure that posting together means one interruption. One being only a photo perhaps helps those too busy to read a proper post? I feel constantly guilty that I can’t reciprocate with all the bloggers I would like to!

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      1. I know what you mean about that. I can’t always give individual posts by bloggers the attention they deserve. Yours, however, are always carefully read, as are those of the other ‘blogging friends’ who read my posts.

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  3. Lovely photo and great memories. There is something very calming about the sea. The slow rhythmic crash of the waves, the sand between the toes, the wind through your hair, the smell of salt in the air, an endless horizon; there is something for all of the senses. Have a wonderful weekend.

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    1. And you too! Yes, I agree about the sea. I used to live in a seaside town, and loved it,especially in winter when the tourists had gone away. A day at the sea is still a particular pleasure.

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  4. It’s a lovely shot and associated memory, Margaret. 🙂 🙂 It was rather an abrupt halt to the challenge. Maybe they simply ran out of ideas because I had noticed the themes becoming repetitive. Not so easy, week in, week out? I think it rather depends why you blog. My blog is really a diary of my travel experiences so I don’t really need to be led by challenges. It was, though, an excellent way to reach out to the community and make new friends. I’m sure I saw that Cee has taken it on herself to compile a list of challenges? Are you familiar with Paula at Lost in Translation? She runs 2 challenges- Thursday Special and Black and White Sunday.


  5. Thanks for all that Jo. Yes, Cee is apparently willing to compile a list of challenges, and I’ve just looked up Lost in Translation: she seems to have some fabulous ideas and posts, so I value the introduction. Like you, I don’t need the challenges to get posting: but they do sometimes help me think differently, as well as introducing me to bloggers whom I wouldn’t otherwise ‘meet’. I always enjoy your posts, and especially your walks.


  6. Wonderful photo, Margaret! I love those little William sandals in the middle; I expect his feet have grown quite a bit since last summer. I like Whitstable a lot though I haven’t been there for some time.

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