Snapshot Saturday: a vigorously twisting doorway.

Last November, in Valencia, the building which first grabbed my attention was this one, and day and night, I always paused to enjoy its energetic entrance and attention-seeking windows.

This ebullient building now houses the National Ceramic Collection.  Once it was the family seat of the Rabassa de Perellós – title-holders of the marquisate of Dos Aguas.  Dos aguas: two waters – the nearby rivers Júcar and Turia which flow plentifully, twisting and turning, from the statue of the Virgin Mary which tops off the doorway.  I’ve forgotten the rest of the story, and Google can’t help.  Just enjoy this wonderfully rococo statuary, twisting round this exuberant doorway.

A contribution to this week’s WordPress photo challenge: Twisted.


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22 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday: a vigorously twisting doorway.”

  1. I especially liked the composition of first photo – The architectural is beautiful, and I couldn’t help noticing the orange tree in the foreground.

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  2. Those oranges!!!! I’m thirsty all of a sudden…. and of course, these old stones, the stories they tell, it’s all so fascinating and rivetting

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      1. You’re right of course. I forgot – so OK I’m no longer thirsty…. lol
        Actually, I did cut up an orange (I buy big bags of 2 or 3 kg of ‘oranges for juice) and make 6-10 slices of one then eat them out of their skin, very, very messy and sooooo goooooood

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